I have reinstalled the game and need to know how to play Kestrel properly

So I think after the previous post that I have taken the game too seriously and now I just wanna chill with it (but lemme see for how long LMAO) and I read the META and I saw WP Kestrel so anyone here fancy telling me how to build and play Kestrel properly cause I ain’t that good with her.

ban her, :rage:

30 characters…

Dammit I wanna use her properly. Tbh SEAsses don’t use Kestrel at T5/6/7.

How to play her properly? Can’t tell, I guess just go into a match (preferably blitz)and find out yourself, should help ya

WP Kestrel is extremely unforgiving and very hard to play.

I don’t play her because I can’t make her work.
CP Kestrel is like 80% easier.

Wp Kestrel has a much shorter range than CP so you have to get closer to deal damage while having short camo only…

Well I could use Ozo who was deemed extreme for noobs so who cares? Builds and tactics please?

Git gud on aiming and baiting…taddah…and also positioning

they do use kestrel in SEA in tier7 and 9. lol

While I was T7, I didn’t see any Kestrel players at all LMAO.

Dude I’ve played Kestrel CP before.

hmmm 5v5? not many tho. once is every 5 match?
and what is your ign

You’ve been looking at my IGN for a crap load of times

hsjjdjdjd ok :clown_face:
30 characters…

Hell that was quick. Jeez bro.

I will play with you tomorrow…

Yeah bro. Will see you tomorrow

For wp kes its the same bit add stutterstepping
Build SB,TT or BP and 2 TM

for somebody that’s learning, should go Cp kestrel, so you can make use of the extremely long invisibility once you get enough CP items.

plus the damage is just as good as wp

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The main thing with WP Kestrel is to abuse her level 1-2 game. Get 2 weapon blades and put your first 2 skillpoints into Glimmer Shot, then focus on blasting the enemy laner to bits — she does enough damage to just plain outgun a spun-up level 2 Saw, or to let level 2 Krul beat on her while she blows him apart. I like to take her top lane and wait at the enemy weapon buff the first time it spawns, steal their gold oak, probably gack their jungler, steal the enemy heal treant, then murder their laner. Later, when enemy health and defense are enough to keep them from melting to 3 Glimmer Shots, and when they have boots so they can dodge, they will still be intimidated enough that they won’t come near you when they see you.

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