I had to uninstall and re download VG for the update and

Now i am stuck at “computing storage”. I know it takes some time but its been computing for an hour now. Help meee.

I managed to update the game to 3.5.2, but now it crashes in the background all the time! To the point my phone advised me to always sleep the game at the 10th crash for 12 hours (galaxy s7e, oreo).

About your problem, try to force close, restart the phone and run it again. If data download is not a problem, uninstall again, restart the phone, install, run.

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Ill try it out. Sadly i have only 1.5gb data limit per day

Im having the same problem updates says 9mb, then continues to install the whole 1gb+ files :confused: . Didnt they change this that it only updates what it needs to now? I have the obb folder to

Tried restarting your phone?
This happened to me back when they kept the obb file. After restarting the game booted up perfectly normal.

I’ve also had to redownload for updates. that happened once on one of my old devices. You can leave it out, reinstall, or restart your device. I think one of those will work.

Yeah it worked thanks!