I got Tony with a blue key and found steam knight Tony in a chest

…seems lucky but he gets banned every game (dunno why) and that I’m always last or first to the last to pick in draft.

Such is the curse of a new character in Vainglory.

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well… there’s reza, for the exception…

He’s not even a real character.

Take that, Team Daddy

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Because quite often the new heroes are OP. People tends to ban even if the new one is not.

two reasons for banning tony:

  • you dont know how to play against him
  • no one knows how to play him yet, so he could be a liability for your team.

The biggest issue here, I believe, is, by constantly banning Tony nobody gets real experience against him or playing with him in proper matches. :man_shrugging:


you play him in casual first, before you go into rank.

Just adding to what was said. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Ranked is also a different experience, in my opinion.

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No one bans Tony in my tier. Few people have him and they dont pick him because some teammates mention to try him first before ranking with him

He’s easy to play against. Just kite him.

He’s alright. I just want to play him because his ult is hilarious.

Super annoying if he gets on you tho, especially his b.

I only played against him when I was playing Varya, but I just arc recursioned away anytime he tried to jump on me. Also he kinda sucked, and I usually keep pretty high CS and don’t die, so I out scaled him fast.

I managed to play a game with him as well. His A definitely chunks hard and his taunt is great to chain during a gank. However, I don’t think he’s anywhere near Varya, Churnwalker, Samuel, Lyra, and Lorelai on release.

I have picked tony in every rankled match (5v5 and 3v3) i’ve Played so far except for one i think because reim was on the enemy teams and skye was open. I would say i understand him pretty well. (And for some reason i have trouble vs reza and kestrel)

Edit: i meant to say, no-one bans him down here in t6 SEA