I got the tea (Krul Concept Art)

It seems like Semc is paying freelancers to make the concept art instead of hiring concept designers… Money problems?

Number 2 looks so freaking terrifying and badass at the same time wtf

Cyber Krul

New Freelancer

Any ways, dont post anything about the employee leaving on reddit cuz then it would have a massive outbreak of conflict.


Yooo I really like the 4th splash art concept. Having Krul vaulting over a busted wall makes him seem like a predator hunting for someone. Really fits his character tbh!



Lol, I thought most would have gotten that he’s a mecha kaiju from the start.

I think it’s ok for them to do this.

The artwork and sketches this team has done are pretty awesome to me.

I’m wondering what do you mean by (I’ve edited the grammar a bit, my auto correct couldn’t resist):

Anyways, don’t post anything about the employee leaving on Reddit cuz then it would have a massive outbreak of conflict.

Kraken (the guy currently being talked about) was the UX (user experience design) designer. Or the U.I. in other words.

So he’s not as related to the artwork of heroes and skins, given the role he had.

Unless I’m missing something?

I didn’t even realize he was building-sized, I may actually make a effort for this skin if any of them are grindable. (Not sunlight one though lol)

Pacific Rim is one of my favorite movies (it’s so cheesy but who doesn’t love giant robot battles?)


His skin looks awesome and detailed but why aren’t they giving skins to heroes like Lorelai and Malene who are skinless?

I wonder the same thing … especially since there appears to be a completed Lorelai skin in the app package already … :wut:

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Not really talking about Kraken.

Im just saying that they got rid of their concept artists and now are paying a group of free lancers to fill their spot, Im sure they arent “Employees” tho.

Alright. Understood.

It’s a thing that happens from time to time I suppose.

Sad, but we must move on from it.

At least the artwork is somewhat consistent.

Now, if only they actually buffed Krul so people can play him and get motivated to buy this skin…

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You never know. Nerfs to certain metas can indirectly buff some heroes, but then again the sheer amount of CC is still gonna crutch Krul, so he may still be a very niche pick. This skin looks pretty dope tho

Lel they sucked the life out of the artsy departments, why not hire fresh blood to drain?

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No. All startup, small and even big corporations do that. If you dig through ArtStation you will find more freelancers works for SEMC.

Yep, I should have know n that since Riot hires many temp designers to make skins. Ex kda skinline