I got Reza blueprint, but the blueprint tab doesnt recognize

The only skin you’re missing, you can see that you have the blueprint for it ?

Is it just not allowing you to craft it after tapping it ?

You probably loaded in all the skins inside the inventory. Just X the tab out and open it again. Blueprints should recognize it now although you can just craft it there and in the skins tab in the hero section.

Yes I have the blueprint for it.

I also tried your method. X out and go to skin section again, but it still not work.
Btw, the first time I go to skin section, it always says that I have no skin until I randomly choose 1 and X out.

Got the same blueprint and just crafted it no problem :s

yah thats what I meant. Since you opened your skin already just X out and go back in.

this is a bug with the blueprint section in general. you have to open the inventory, tap on a skin until the game realizes what skins you own, go out of the inventory and then go back in. you should be able to tap on your bp section now.

Thanks. It works now.

Ughhhh, this is so irritating so I decide to throw all blueprints I don’t like at once.