I got matched with an entire premade in 5v5


BAHAHAHA sometimes rank agitates me so much. I shouldn’t be losing ELO if I get a match against a premade. Sure they didn’t have the guild tag, but they did have the team tag. So why should I lose ELO for this? Maybe its because they’re low tiers. No they aren’t low tiers and they’re actually pretty “notable” members in the high tiers and I played with all of them in 3v3 while at 2500+ ELO. These guys aren’t T7s or anything so why do I still have to lose ~10 ELO because of it. I gain 7-14 ELO and its not like I’m versing T7s or anything (gain 4-8 from those).

But hey, this was a challenge and tbh that game would have been easy AF if I had at least three coordinated teammates. Its just they were grouped so often. The moment I would catch someone alone I just dived for them under turret (other than the Lyra for obv reasons) and get out easily. I was that fed but coordination was lacking in my team and my Rona was pushing bot lane in the last team fight. I totally did not just jump in the last teamfight and try to assassinate the enemy Sam, which yk I did get rid off but my teammates followed up besides the Rona and they were all low HP. If the Rona stuck together I COULD HAVE WON THAT <--------- story of my life.

But i sorta did deserve that bc the match right before I caught so snobby during draft they ended up calling me ttigers bc I said “I’d be able to win every single game if everyone in every other lane just would choose to be careful and let me carry” and “I main jungle in 3v3 but sadly I had to start playing bot lane because every time I gank for the bot laner in 5v5 they still manage to lose lane.”

(I had a segment here about how people should lane and now I realize how my advice can in this part can really help people lane in the side lanes, I’ll consider posting tht sometimes soon I suppose, trust me its obvious but somethings are actually pretty good things to understand and help me solo carry in a team game.)

Highkey super salty because they were tryharding so hard throughout the early and mid game but began trolling in our base towards the late game like just end it before I get my 2nd quadra kill in that single claim (yeah I felt so cool resetting my A and keeping my chakram in the air for so long xD)

Oh yeah back at it again in 2399 ELO :ok_hand:


Are you drunk bro? Or did you forget the med’s this morning?


Ungrateful. That’s all.

This text will be blurred


That high of elo you probably won’t see as many soloq players more people who party and team up than anything


What happened to “full teams will only be matched against other full teams”?


Due to extremely high queue times for 5 man premades they seem to throw them into regular queues eventually to get them a match. I have no idea how long this takes to happen, but have seen many report it.


I got matched against a full team in a 3v3 ranked. I know 100 percent because it went into draft. This was a few weeks ago though. SEMC needs to fix that, I don’t care about queue times if its a bad game.


maybe someone in the game was tier 7?


If even one person in the match is t7 or above, it becomes a draft, regardless of teams or not. Maybe that was it?


I am unaware of that. I know the other guy on my team was tier 7 last season, but the other team was very well coordinated. I’ll look for the match later on one of the api websites when I find time.


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