I cant play 5v5

hellpppp i tried playiny 5v5 but eberytime i get into a game it just crashes and goes back to the loading screen and keeps happening again and again

My device is S8+
My operating system is android 7.0

Known Samsung issue. They are working on it. Try lowering performance.

i feel bad cus i just left my teammates to die :frowning:

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Every 5v5 I’ve done has had at least 1 AFK. LEast it’s not ranked. Yet.

hopefully they had th same issue as me and werent trolling

Rip. Didn’t get any, but I’m matched with high PoA people even though I’m rusty as hell… Pick your favorite lol


Oh this probably explains it - I have noticed a lot of afk’s right from the start myself and of course they are suffering this issue.

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