I can’t play Vainglory

Hey guys so recently I got a new phone but for some reason I can’t find Vainglory on the play store. I am thinking of downloading Arena of Valor as I’ve heard how bad MLBB is but do you guys have any other suggestions?

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What phone did you get? I recomend downloading it the back method from a browser in app store then run the apk u just downloading

It’s a pretty old phone I inherited: Wiko Darkmoon

I’d say MLBB and AoV are pretty similar in most aspects (heroes, “talent” system, UI, quests), except AoV has better graphics than MLBB (imho). But, both games are slightly P2W so just be wary of that.

not supported. you can try getting the apk from elsewhere, but it might also get you a virus.

Would it still work even if not supported?

it may work, but there might be a reason why its not supported.

Download from Apkpure or the amazon store

The supported devices in the list are tested and semc responsible if anyone of them cant run vainglory , so you could get a device not in the list but still can run vainglory , but if it cant run vainglory then you cant contact semc and complain because they already have a list of devices .

Though unless the phone has something weird in it’s os the phones specs should be able to play it

Yeah but if the game crashes or lag out , they not going to investigate and see the problem because its not a supported device , you can download the game and play and probably going to run smoothly , just the safe pick is a supported device .

Assuming it’s an apple or android phone, you should be able to find it. If you’re on android and you can’t, try google searching the game from your phone, and the app should appear as a result. just tap on it and it’ll give you a shortcut to the playstore.

Depends. If your phone is Android, a bootleg apk may work, but good luck every update. iOS probably will require jailbreak as unsigned packages are blocked by Apple iOS. Android though just go through developer mode and allow the apps.

You’d also be taking a bit of a risk with the anti-cheat. It can scan if you got the app from the web and not the store.

I’d stay away from it if I were you. Better to be safe and not get banned/a virus.