I am recruiting for a new guild!

Hello, I am recruiting for a new semi-competitive guild for a larger gaming community named Exodus Gaming, for questions and details, feel free to pm me ^-^ Also, as you can probably imagine, voice chat IS a requirement!

Guild name: Exodus Mobile (NA Region)

IGN: SoraRoxas528

Tier/Fame requirements: None, just don’t go inactive for longer than a week without letting me know, and I wish to play a game with you before allowing you to join to see how you play and communicate.

Age Requirement: 16+

About me: I am 20 years old, been playing the game on and off for 3 or so years, and wish to try something new and fun, hence the new guild! I am in college, so my own hours are somewhat limited, but I intend to be on daily. I main CP Koshka, Jungle, but am very flexible and know many heroes for each role.

I hope you are interested in joining and becoming a larger part of the Exodus Gaming family! And make sure to DM me if so!