I Am A Devastating Powerhouse

Reading through some of the groups and their members, I was scrolling through the @VaingloriousHeroes and saw @Glaive’s profile…

Not only is he the only hero with a background picture, but his bio reads EXACTLY like the Navy Seal copypasta.

I also noticed that only the newest heroes have their IGNs listed in their bio. I wonder is there a reason or just because whoever’s setting the profiles up now thinks of it?

They were created by the mods and are sometimes used in conversations as a joke.

I saw that Idmonfish did some work on Glaive…

Life is a joke.

I have one too. It’s a picture of my soul. Black. Like my coffee.


Step into the light. The light is your friend.


No, the light is not your friend, your anger is your friend. Embrace your anger.
It was a @Samuel quote, for anyone wondering.


if we are looking for discrepancies malene and tony do not have their model as pfp >:v

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