(Humour) A hero that would destroy the game if she made her way to the Sovereign's rise :3

Aquarius, the Nuker

Aquarius is a violent wanter mage that specializes in nuking enemies and giving insane AOE and Burst Damage with very high scalings, all at the cost of mobility.

Heroic Perk
Power of Water
Every 3 minutes, Aquarius empowers herself using her magic sceptre and stays still for 3 seconds. Afterwards she gains passive 35 crystal power and 5% lifesteal for the rest of the game. During her empowerment channel, she will be invulnerable to all sources of damage. Additionally her basic attacks scale with crystal power (75% CP ratio)

Base Damage of basic attacks(85-140)

Basic Attack range= 6.7
Movement speed=2.9

Aquarius summons a whirlpool that does DOT to enemies standing in it. Additionally, when they are standing on a whirlpool, Aquarius Basic Attacks do 30% more damage. Slows enemies inside by 30%. Whirlpools last 8 seconds and its radius gets bigger everytime you put a point into this ability. Does 40% damage to minions
1 2 3 4 5
Damage per second 60 130 170 250 400
Radius= 3.5 4 5 5.5 7
CP Ratio= 150%
Cooldown 10 9 8 7 5

The Ocean’s Fury
Aquarius summons a naga(Lorelai) who in summons an empowered Fish Food with a Large Radius which stuns all enemies inside for 1 second. Deals DOT damage afterwards .
1 2 3 4 5
Burst Damage 130 210 290 370 500 (140% CP Scaling)
DOT 75 130 250 350 475(170% CP Scaling
Range 9 9.5 10 10.5 12
Radius 3 3.5 4 4.5 5
Duration 2 2.5 3 3.5 4.5
Cooldown 15 14 13 12 1
Savage Ocean
Aquarius summons a Tsunami that does AOE damage and travels all around the Map. After colliding with 1 enemy hero, the next thing that collides with it will take 70% damage. Afterwards, she loses 1/2 of her health and shall be immobile for 2 seconds.
1 2 3
Damage 1300 1750 2500 (300% CP Ratio)
Cooldown 120 120 100

Will she destroy the game if she made her way to the Sovereign’s Rise?(DUH SHE WILL)

Ps: I am doing this because I am bored and I wanna make a hero that will wreck everything. The next time I make a fan hero, it will actually be proper in terms of damage values and scaling as I obviously overdid it.


Ever heard of MAXBOB???



Maxbob is real though i just bought him for 2000 ice bad thing is you can’t use him in rank. He even starts out at lvl 12

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Dude I dont see Maxbob in the patch notes, isnt he the new hero with Malene

Deep down, we’re all Maxbob. You don’t need patch notes, just look in yourself and you will find him.


Corpus > maxbob

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He was added in 3.1 you have to get a blueprint for him before you can see him in game though


Ever wandered why your teams getting owned in 5v5? That’s because maxbob heroic perk is allowing a 6v5 in draft only you can’t see it or him during the match.

Maxbob OP

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