Huge frame lag when orb guardians spawn

Title, anyone else ? I always get a huge frame rate drop when buffs spawns, it lasts 5 seconds then goes away its makes me lose cs its really annoying.
I play on a Samsung Note 5, OS version 7.0

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I often get a split second of a freeze when the jungle camps all spawn together for the first time. The Kraken animation does the same to a lesser extent, first time it spawns.

This has always been the case for me. Seems some recent changes made this a lot worse for you? If so, stating the exact patch it started might help with tracking the issue.


I casually get this when my ipad is low on battery

it usually happens when there’s too much going on at once. team fights.

so many missed shots because of it. so many double tapped abilities because it didn’t work during the “freeze”.

This made me rubber band to the enemy red buff and I gave up first blood as Flicker vs Fort and Vox.

Semc fix is drop your settings to low and then buy an apple product…

I seriously got that response from support…

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That is so wild, I don’t even have words. What the actual…

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I wish I was kidding…