Hows vainglory on the iphone X/XS/XS Max?

So i was planning on getting a 64GB iphone 8+ today, but my broadband sold out, and are not planning on restocking. Im left with only the 256GB 8+ option, which is way too much storage (ive only used 30GB now) and expensive, and the same price as the 64GB iphone XS (XS Max is $140 more).

So i guess if i want to upgrade ill have to either choose the XS and the XS Max (Im not going to get the XR because bad screen resolution and no 3d touch). The XS Max has the exact same body size as the one im using right now (6s plus), but im worried the screen might be too tall for me to handle comfortably. The XS seems a lot more comfortable to use, but im worried that it might be too small (a lot smaller screen width) and ive seen many complaints about the X being too small.

Can someone send photos of how the game looks like on those phones? Does the notch get in the way of the buttons in the corners, and does the home bar get in the way of gameplay (And is there an option to fix the home bar to the short end instead of the long end? Like the home bar in landscape mode is fixed in the left or right side instead of being in the bottom.) Also, is there an option to use apps in a 16:9 ratio, with black bars on the sides?


Buy Samsung you noooooooooooob

Already temporarily using one, the touch sensitivity sucks


My XS Max will be here in a few days — will post some screen size comparisons then.


Hmm, never played VG on an iPhone. Does the touch sensitivity make a big difference? :o

Sorry this is so random but where can I find these pictures of vainglory on the xs max? Idk how this website works I just need to know as soon as possible what the difference between vainglory on 6s+ and xs max are. Thanks hopefully this isn’t too confusing

What samsung if it’s not a secret? They improved the touch sensitivity on note 9 by a lot (it’s better even vs s9, s8 was a disaster in that regard, s7e was… ok (but defo on the low passable end)). S10 should be good too from what I heard and read, I have exynos note 9.

As for the phones (used both for enough time to know), xs max is quite big and you will defo mostly use it two handed. Xs is ok size and easier to use one hand (tho still two hands would be better for most of the time), but in the current times, media consumption and gaming - imho the screen is on the lower size. Battery life is also to consider, xs is not great in that regard, xs max is quite a lot better (tho both behind xr).

The notch is not a problem and no black borders, the game fills the screen.

It does, but the best combo is ipad pro with 120Hz screen refresh rate and 120Hz touch response. While the razer phone 120Hz or something like oneplus 7 pro 90Hz refresh rate are nice to have and really smooth - this should not be mistaken with touch response. Faster touch response feels great and improves your phone use joy and gaming joy + yes, it matters in gaming, especially in games like VG that requires fast touches/swipes in different spots (fast map checks, stutterstep and so on). For example when I was on s7e my stutterstep was noticeably worse vs my HTC M8 (that is prised for close to iphone touch latency, tho still not quite there). Now on my note 9 it’s similar with the M8, they improved the digitizer a lot. Still, new iphones 120Hz digitizers are better.

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You will love it, dunno what the next iphone will bring, but xs max is gorgeous!
P.S. listen to those speakers… joy to play VG with sound via them. :sunglasses:

Lol, I’ve had my XS Max for 9 months now :wink: Someone resurrected this thread a couple of posts up.

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I forgot to post them — I’ll get some up in this thread a little later today, though! I’m traveling at the moment :sunglasses:

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lol, who read post dates… not me. :shushing_face: :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I just want to make sure I’ll still be able to play VG on the xs max before I drop $1k

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I use an XS max and really enjoy it. For a case, I use a low-profile Spigen, so the phone isn’t too bulky. Here’s a screenshot showing the aspect ratio:

The notch takes a little bite out of the app screen on the main menu and post-match reward screen, but not in gameplay (it’s letterboxed then; what you see in the screenshot is what you see while you’re playing). You won’t notice it.

For what it’s worth, I was on a 6 before this, so upgrading to a bigger thumb reach took some getting used to, but after a couple days it was fine. You’re on a 6s+ now, so it’s probably not a big transition.


Wow. Looks nice. I could use a bigger phone. The Chromebook is an exciting change for me, but I can tell it’s likely going to be too large of a screen. Perhaps I’ll buy a mouse and just go back to my roots of pc style. I do feel I’d be my best using my thumbs on just a slightly larger phone than what i have currently. Thanks for the screen shot!


Thanks for the image! Looks good. I’m glad they moved the minimap and utility buttons slightly inward. Is there any way to get rid of the home bar? Does locking yourself in the app make it disappear? The ability bar is more intrusive because of the home bar needing to be under it.

I am 99% sure that the home bar hides.

Thanks for posting that! I’m still out of town for work and haven’t been able to do much of anything else!

It’s not really the bar tho it’s the extra black area they added because of the bar.

Do you know if there is a way to make that extra black space under the ability tab go go away?

That decision is on SEMC, sadly. Someone correct me if I am wrong tho.

The home bar doesn’t “hide” exactly, but it does fade back. Normally, you see it as a gray line at the bottom edge of the screen, and you have to swipe up deliberately from very near the edge to “prime” it (where it becomes bright white), then swipe up again to actually exit the app. I’m not sure if there’s a way to make that space go away altogether though.

I’ve only activated it once by accident, and that was when I actually meant to swipe down from the top to check the time, but had a brain fart. It still wasn’t a huge deal though because the app doesn’t switch until you release the pull up, kind of, so if you’re still holding it, you can put the app back in place and it’s like nothing happened:

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