How was the best game you remember playing in the Blitz mode?

I, in a Blitz mode game, went with the hero Krul and destroyed a turret (+3), went to the jungle, stole with the first skill of Krul the Gold Miner (+3) and I made an ACE with my team, but I managed to kill the whole enemy team (+3), I killed the Miner Miner of his jungle (+3).
I went back to base and when I got to the lane I killed two enemies in a 2vs2 (+2) and then in jungle I did a KS to my partner.(+1)
In total I did only me the 15 points (with the help of my team but taking me the “merits”)

It was ugly that I made KS to my partner but… if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have been able to tell the best Blitz game I’ve had so far.

I will be looking forward to his accomplishments.:eyes:

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I think it was some of the very rare occassions where we managed to get 6 people from the forums online for some private matches, I think it was shuffling with Flibber, DieNubs, Nerf, Vin, MilkAndToast, Borb and me. The most fun I ever had on this game.