How to spend my ice

Hey i just won 2000 ice and i don’t really know how to spend it i know its not much but some advice would be welcome. I have all heroes unlocked, 18000 escence and i am not really interrested in talents, are the 250 ice blueprint chests worth it ?

save it cause you might need it when something you want comes out.


If you are in team gwen buy the red lantern chest if in team reza get the ice vox chest

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save it for a limited edition skin for a hero thst you may really like playing.

Do the opposite of what this guy said.


Bank it; they’ll release something you really want at some point and the ice will come in handy.

I’ve spent 4K ice on boxes and all I really got were a lot of duplicate hero’s and skins. They really should buff the bonus opals you get because most skins start at 500.

Best thing is saving till you find something you really want(since everything is going to be more of BuyWithICE than BuyWithGlory/BuyWithEssence from now) as others mentioned.

Or whenever they release a hero you really can’t wait to try out. If you like to gamble a bit… You can bust open a rare chest the day they get released for ICE. Afaik, there’s a notoriously high chance of getting that hero from chests after update. I’ve got Grump, Bap, Grace, and a few others that way, right after update. 1 chest.

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Here I am with my 750 Ice for SE gwen lol…

I spent on the ice and got the vox on ice skin, thanks for the help


Lol I like to give SEMC money once a month, I play this game so much they deserve their pay day

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Don’t have the funds for that but the gaming money I do have I spend on VG