How to pm a member?

I am having a problem with pm hazeleyes, I don’t find the pm link.

if you are on desktop (At least, maybe mobile too) you clock on their name and then click ‘message’

I don’t see the ‘message’ button…

Go to his actual Account Page by tapping his pfp on the imaged you shared. And update me on what you see.

Ok, that’s it

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Huh, that’s weird … let me see what’s up.

Please stand by [hold music plays]

Ah, ok, it’s because you’re not only new, you’re NEW new :wink:

Discourse has what are called “Trust Levels” – brand new users are Trust Level 0, and private messages require Trust Level 1. In order to get to TL1 here, you have to read several topics and posts and spend a set amount of time on the forum. Things are set that way to discourage spammers from PMing members.

I went ahead and bumped you up to TL1 – you should now see the Message button that @RiseChu described.

Also, welcome! :wave: :grinning:

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Lol, ok, that makes sense. :yum: :yum: