How to miserably fail your snowball, a sarcastic guide

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Hi, this is Trophallaxia, welcome to Vainglory failed snowball spotlight. (2.2)

This patch is very snowball friendly due to first blood bounties, bounties in general, mid treants and late jungle minions spawning. But hey, even if you got an early lead it’s still possible to throw the game, don’t worry. Here is how :

I/ Very early game (0-4min)

So let’s say, you’re 1min30 in, you got that first blood bounty and possibly one more kill, what to do to fail your snowball ?

  1. Do not invade enemy jungle right away and do not steal farm :

Due to the short respawn timer you have a very short window to push your advantage, it’s easy to miss it.

  1. Do not move as a team :

Well you killed two of them, so the third one will possibly retreat and come back with his teamates, if you get caught solo or 2v3 there is virtually no chances for you to make it alive. If you get killed you’ll hand over that nice gold lead you had. Easy.

  1. Do not keep in check position of the enemy :

If you’re in your ennemies’ jungle and do not not where they are, they are probably counter jungling and being well fed in your jungle. RIP gold lead.

  1. Be too greedy :

Meaning : get caught with your pants down in their jungle for no reason because they are full health and you are not, they bought new items and you did not.

II/ Early game (4-10min)

Well, imagine you did not fail the very early game. You invaded their jungle, took their farm once, possibly twice or even thrice. You did not let them invade yours. By this time you should be ahead by one or two lvls. How can you possibly fail ?

  1. Be passive :

Just farm your jungle, never gank ennemy laner, never push turrets, never invade, never force team fight. Just wait to reach the point where the tiny gold lead you had becomes insignificant.

  1. Give them free kills :

Wander around low health, pick fights without shopping first, dive turrets recklessly. With the new bounties they will make a comeback in no time.

  1. Never take the goldmine or let them steal it :

If you did not fail your snowball by this time, you still have the upper hand. So if you want to fail just let it slip.

  1. If you happen to invade do not place vision in their jungle :

That way you will not now where ennemies are, and it will be easier for you to be ganked, thus giving them free kills. Every points are linked, somehow.

  1. Do not kill their sentry :

This dude hits like a truck but only has three lives, so when you successfully invaded and scored one or two kills, do not kill him. Let it be. If he’s still there they will be able to hide behind it whenever things get sour.

III/Midgame (10-15min)

Ahem, you made it this far and you still want to throw? Alright, come on now follow my lead. Hmm hmm hmm. Let’s recap the situation : By now their first turret has fallen, maybe the second one too, you placed vision in their jungle, you took goldmine repeatedly, you killed their sentry once or twice. What to do now ?

  1. Do not push the next turret :

More ennemy turrets down means more map control for you, you absolutely do not want that

  1. Do not eliminate their sentry :

And by eliminating I mean removing it definitively from the game. Because a 4th ennemy is welcome if you want to lose.

  1. Do not starve them from gold :

ie let them farm their jungle, do not harass their laner, let him farm peacefully, let him reach his power spike. We both know how much gold is important in this game so to give your ennemies a fair chance to come back, let them collect gold.

IV/ Late game (15-20min)

Ok now let’s be honest, if you did not failed your snowball by the 15min mark you already took down their three first turrets, their sentry is eliminated and they can’t risk a foot outside their base. The only thing you have to do to win is to unleash the kraken and safely push with her. If you still want to throw you’re possibly a troll and that is not right, may the Storm Queen have mercy on your soul.
So, how to fail a kraken push you say ? Simple.

  1. Do not place vision around it :

Be kind, let your ennemies a chance to sneak in and steal it

  1. Die from the kraken :

Just let you carry tank it, he will probably die.

  1. When she is unleashed just rush the ennemy base :

You got the kraken, throw away your win. Do not wait for her, rush the crystal, take free turrets shots and die. Let ennemies kill her and have a wonderful 1500gold in their pocket.

V/ Ultra late game (20 min +)

If you reached that point you already failed your snowball, so you don’t need me

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