How to make your allies immortal (no cheats here)

I’m gonna leave this here for y’all to watch.
Ps It’s not me

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I hope this got reported. Haha. weird bug.

it kinda looks like it was set up. like they knew how to initiate the bug or hack…

It looks like it was a blitz, judging from the timer counting down to zero. what talents was being used?

You are not gonna believe this.
Ardan’s Rare lvl 20

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Mine’s lvl 17. Pretty much the cap for F2P player

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My highest is PBullets Lvl11…

Yeah, it’s taking forever to collect enough coins to upgrade

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Not a bug. Ardan’s barriers always stack if the cooldown allows them to be used twice before the first one expires. This is probably the ally Ardan building all Contraption to abuse the health and cooldown.

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Cancer intensifies…

I mainly use the word “a small eternity” to describe this.