How to have fun in blitz


Dude , lvl4 epic Gwen that’s toxic , please stop , I have no idea how that lvl9 epic Kensei won that game , you probably afked .


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Think about the amount of cash they burned for a crytpo currency to purchase better numbers on a device to help them win other cryptocurrencies.

You’ll feel much better


I remember facing Necrodog in Blitz more than once, maybe got matched up on his side once or twice too. Nearly always on Kensei, even before 4.1…

If you get the hero talent chest everyday on the same heroes, you could basically just grind both R and E talents to max tbh. I doubt a lot of people actually blow their noses out for chests that don’t even guarantee whose talent they’re gonna get. Unless you have Level 3-5 L talent, pretty much any other talent level is realistically attainable through grinding.

With that being said, talents are gross.


I really dont get people who spends so much glory to level up their talents

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