How to fix brawls

JUST HALVE THE DAMN MAX LEVELS WITHOUT CHANGING THE STATS!!! It is fine if talents are a little “pay to win”, but the way they are, especially with extremely high and expensive level caps, the ones who Max out the op talents will insta win practically every game cause the downsides are just removed and make the abilities simply BETTER such as Baron’s E, or in some cases makes already stupidly strong talents completely broken an practically unbeatable such as Ardan’s E. It’s not fun and allows whales to win games with little to no effort whatsoever unless the enemy team is also maxed. If the levels are halved with no stat changes, then the downsides will still show, it will fix all the broken maxed talents, and allow f2p players not absolutely abhor blitz or battle Royale. This is a good alternative to making talentless brawl modes cause God knows how many people will ever go back to talent brawls again…it’s a MOBA not a fucking gacha game. Not like SEMC will lose much money. Who pays for talents???

(I quit trying for the event since I started facing more whales in blitz and it just ruined everything for me. Wasted so much glory on this bs)

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It’s even easier to fix brawls: remove Talents altogether.

Brawls were great before Talents broke them.


I remember when blitz was fun, you could actually practice mechanics, try new heroes because it was just a fast paced version of the regular 3v3 mode.



It was a great mode – my guildmates and I used to play it all the time to test comps and develop teamwork that could be applied to the main game. Once talents came out, all of us quickly stopped playing brawls altogether. With the destruction of 3v3, most of my guild has now left VG. A couple of us have gone back to playing BR once in a while, but as that’s infected with talents also, it’s not fun like it once was.


My friend just lost that Skye challenge because of Ardan with 8lvl epic talent. He had 9 wins in challenge btw, I bet his chair is burning now


I 100% understand how he feels. I partied and went against level 20 R Ardan and level 10 E Baron…already you can tell that match was UBER fun…

That’s the best case scenario. I think this is a way better alternative if SEMC REALLY wants to keep this mechanic Tor some reason. I really hope talents just go away too though

I just hate how balance is thrown out the window if you pay enough to Max out your talents. It’s so dumb


They need to make a new mode called talent mode. It would not be a blitz, but a unique game and this is the only place where you can use talents. This game mode would be design for talents too, so less BS. I’m not sure how, because SEMC would never do anything like that.


So far from the comments on my Reddit post about this topic (with less profanity) the Reddit community seems okay with the current state of talents which really sucks because we won’t be able to change this problem if the community is gonna be split like this…

Reddit … :roll_eyes:

The problem there is that the fanbois downvote almost anything critical of SEMC …


See I would care about brawl modes again but 5v5 casual has become a brawl mode on its own. Both the enemy and my teammate will suck ridiculous amounts, the deciding factor as to who wins will generally be which teammates afk first and who have the shittiest of shittiest teammates. I play that for an alternative to brawls

Another thing that would be awesome if talents stay is have a separate queue where all talents are at level 1. That would make brawls WAAAAAAAAY more fun while keeping vanilla heroes viable and removes all p2w. However, that will not happen because then leveling talents becomes useless as all players will go over to the more balanced queues

Also my post has 4 upvotes, so there’s that

Thats just one or two white knights who defend everything about smec. Typical. “oH MaXEd TAlEntS aREnT a PRobLEm bECausE i WAs aBle tO BEat a PArTy Of hIgH lEVel TAleNts oNcE”


Talents are fun, but I won’t deny that some of them can be gamebreaking. You have a much higher chance of losing if you don’t have a talent, even if it’s just level 1.

Though you are correct that simply sounds like a broken record…

I mean I’m autistic and even I think I’ve heard that argument too many times. Coming from someone who loves stability and repetition…