How to deal with glass cannons

After a long break from all things vainglory i played this match recently against 4 glass cannons. I was the captain and tried to keep my team together. By time we actually gained momentum we were far behind, and lost.
This brings me to this thread, which I will shed insight on the weaknesses of 5 weapon builds and how to exploit those weaknesses. For starters, glass cannons have no defense what so ever. How do we exploit this? The answer is ganking, and not just your typical 2v1 ganking. I’m talking about 3v1 ganking. 3 heros is enough to kill a glass cannon before help can arrive, which is what we want. We can apply this to facing multiple glass cannons. When facomg a team of glass cannons, just gank one or 2 of them at a time. Stay away from 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, and 5v5s until you have the proper defense to handle all that damage (2 defense items). The jungle is your ally and the lane is your enemy. The jungle lets you ambush your enemies, which is required to beat an enemy that out damages you. In the lane, the enemy team knows where you are and can burst you down before your team has time to react. Atlas pauldron, fountain of renewal, and crucible are amazing items. Your team will need atleast one of each when dealing with 1 or 2 glass cannons and 2 fountain of renwals when dealing with more than 2 fountains. Tell your team to buy defense, constantly remind them to gank, and put the green ping on seperated glass cannons. They might just listen.

Spread the knowledge.

I think what allows people to build glass cannon builds and win especially in 5v5 is because people lack the knowledge of how to win games , they feed and constantly feed , which lead to players build full build and out level you , if there is a more communication in the team and I could do something in the draft I would go Catherine roam or top , she is perfect and good balance in the hero pool that stops high damage and add to that silences and stuns , it’s deadly going glass cannon against Catherine , but not much players pick her , or probably they don’t play her because she is kinda boring , that’s why I avoid playing her except if Iam expecting high damage enemy team .

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Thats the thing, there is amazing text communicstion in matches. However, no one knows how to use it abd cant see whst you type without hitting the text button in top right. I think the text button is there, under the mini map.

If 3 people gangs in lane successfully, defence won’t save the laner, i.e. doesn’t matter. The real problem starts when the enemy team feed all the gold into a single player that is good + atleast 2 protect him and 2 are decent dmg by themself.

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You can’t type everything , like against glass cannon team disengaging is very important and when you ping the yellow ping your team could think you saying danger someone there , while you mean run , once the enemy team get the advantage your team supposed to disengage or you all dead , when someone is confident by building glass cannon there is a high chance they know how to position , if they position good your team supposed to disengage , if you make them miscalculate you win .

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I’ve been solo queing for a long time and the season resets haulted my progress. Us players in tier four build pffense over defense, no matter the circumstances.
I am hoping that making these types of threads (hopefully daily/weekly) will help improve the player base.

This is complicated because you are in tier 4 , enemy could be a smurf I don’t know , but the atlas pauldron cooldown is very long , if you don’t see any teamwork in your tier you can start picking Catherine and build her wp or cp , cp is about reflecting damage , wp can damage enemy and reflect their damage .

After solo queing, ive just been building fountain of renewal regularly. This stuff is very complocated, but it should be learned early on that buying defense is important. Otherwise, bad habits are set.