How to be a good teammate/enjoy the game more

I love forum sites as I feel they can be a powerful toof for change and create a positive impact not only for forum members, but for all members of the game’s active community.

In this post, I want to share, and all of you to share, ways in which you feel you can make the game more enjoyable and be a more positive teammate. We all know that at times (it feels like it happens more often in 3v3 than 5v5) we get matched up with lower elo players, and far more worse, toxic and trolling players (you know, the guy that rage gives up and then buys 30 mines and feeds the rest of the game). While that is certainly frustrating, here are some things I do to make the game more fun at at all times:

  1. Pings: Awlays be positive with my teammates - I never toxic ping. If I feel like they make a really bad play, instead of spamming the thumbs up ping, I will ping “be careful” or “don’t give up” and then a little later, “stick together”.
  2. Pre-game lobby/draft chat: I will also remain positive in the pre-game lobby chat. Even if the draft doesn’t go perfectly. I’ll offer suggestions, but always encourage people to pick what they are best/most comfortable with.
  3. Shadow/help the struggler: Rather than toxic ping, try to work with the player. Move with them. Try to help them. Perhaps they are actually skilled mechanically, but have tunnel vision. If you join them in the tunnel, your chances of losing don’t necessarily get worse (if they keep going off on their own, your chances are low any ways) but you could pull off some good plays and turn the game around.
  4. Remember it’s a game. It’s okay.

I have found that focusing on these things have helped me really enjoy the game so much more. For a while, i really got fed up with trollers and I realized it started making me a bit of a troll and toxic myself. I would jump all over my teammates and what I realized is that it only discourages and further alienates your teammates. Take the high road. Stay positive. Encourage your teammtes. Enjoy the game. When you act positive, you’re more likely to feel positive, even in those frustrating losses.


i have another idea JUST BE QUIET AND MIND YOUR OWN GAMEPLAY ! becaus that is the reason why i get even more angrier.

I think you’re missing the point of the post above …

i dont think so just my point. my point is just be quiet because some players might get even more mad

A couple of things: first, your reply above comes across as rude, at least in my opinion; and second, you realize that you can mute players you don’t want to listen to, right?

Last but not least, the OP is talking about how to be positive in chat. Telling him to shut up is, in fact, missing the point of the post.

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aight man whatever . i dont want to argue with anyone here if you think it is like that it is like that

also i told nobody too shut up if you quote me at least quote me right and i refered to the situation he discribed

Lol dude I actually agree with you, not saying anything is in some ways the best option, but as @hazeleyes was stating, the op is generally about encouraging positivity, where your idea is a more ambivalent approach. Doesn’t mean your approach isn’t effective, just that the discussion was about positivity, not an ambivalent attitude.


I played LoL for allmost 10 years now and from my experince leaving them allone is the best option you have

Again, I don’t disagree with you lol. This is in fact the approach I see taken by most gamers I play with in vg nowadays. Again still, this post seems to be about portraying a positive attitude, not an ambivalent one, which, I feel compelled to note, is more positive for the community in the long run. Ambivalence breeds disconnection where connections are best made, often.


This is an old thread , he made other threads if I remember correctly he decided to mute his teammates , being positive is not bad but it triggers me in game sometimes if the positive player doing the mistakes and stay positive , they ping sorry my bad then don’t give up , how about you stop making the mistakes and we can start again , I think positivity is ok in a fair matches but if the matchmaker unbalanced and I surrender and the other guy staying positive and send don’t give up , it’s just making the game tilt are you seeing what we seeing , we getting destroyed left and right , no hope .

Those are fair points but the thing is those who don’t follow those guidlines usually do so by choice rather than not being aware of them.

That is true. I ended up disabling chat. I ended up growing weary of being called a dumb insert race of troll’s choice despite my positivity or constructive feedback.

That said, I stand by what I wrote in the original post. I have also enabled chat again and am still following these guidelines. I’ve also tried to help the community by taking scree shots of harassment/racist remarks made in game and sending it to SEMC support. They’ve responded promptly every time and will look into said users activity and account bans may result. To me, that accomplishes two things:

  1. the player is told why they’re account has been suspended and learns that the behavior does not go without consequence
  2. the player is now not able to play, thus removing their negative prescence.

Of course, they can make another smurt, get more upset, and become more toxic.

We all have more power than we think. I’m not advocating that you run and tell the parents every time, but if you’re being harassed by the same account in multiple games, being called racist names, and similar toxic behavior, I encourage you to send it to SEMC. They seem to take that seriously and will respond to it.

In one more recent case, I’ve noticed one account who literally harassed me every game they saw me in, has been inactive the last several days. SEMC won’t say if the account has been banned or suspended, but that user was on every day (had them on my f list because they added me to harass and send more racist taunts, didn’t remove to monitor and also report) and hasn’t been lately. Hopefully not just a coincidence.

Sorry for the long post. In short, continue to stay positive folks and report the really bad stuff (that which goes beyond mere trash talk).


you should have done that all along