How people build their heroes

Like cmon blackfeather build in casual ac jb aegis cs and a crystal bit 20 min in. He had no poke, and left us in 4v5 whole game.

How can people enjoy guarantedly go 2 15 2 and cant atleast follow recommended builds which are almost most meta builds? Do you think its fun for me to get ganked by multiple heroes ( not neccesarily in this match but in others) during all match and having nothing to do because some guy has masochistic line in him were he builds unviably, futilely attack enemies and leaves team in 4v5 (while having afk or any other disaster) ?!

Casual is even worse today then it was before. Things going for worse i feel by my recent past exp.

When I was new, I used to buy whatever items I could afford, and didn’t really even get that their were “tiers” of items at all. :easter_happy_2: I was always a bit confused when enemy players had less “items” than me, but did more damage.

So, cut people some slack. It’s casual. :cheers_minioncandy_t2:


Yeah, I think the game lacks of some short of guide about that. An in-game guide I mean. This is a really important thing that new players should learn from the beginning IMO

I understand that. I dont ping nor do i write people( no great karma so most people have me turned off) but sometimes i get a lot bad matches in a row (i mostly play casual nowadays) and am focused solely on improving my play and trying to hardcarry or atleast be useful, but it adds up. So i just wanted to vent.

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Cool, no problem. I totally get where you’re coming from. And sometimes it’s funny because those players remind me of how bad I was so I have a chuckle and move on.

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I remember when I had Kraken stolen from me for the first time and I was like “WAIT IT’S A SHARED HEALTH BAR???”


We didn’t have recommended builds or in game tutorial that time , like that guy who built clockwork spellsword aftershock tornado trigger glaive in my game in casuals , why he built that , he wanted energy over damage , he was dealing no damage the whole game , he understands that glaive is hard to maintain his energy but can’t figure out how to deal with that without buying energy items ,

The same for this blacfeather in the op , he thought blacfeather has no energy problem and got stacks so the good thing is to build attack speed and he is easy to kill so he thought buying more defense going to make him survive enough to get stacks , he doesn’t know cp is poke and wp is attack speed tank .

But to be fair I’ve seen a high tier player playing black feather cp tank with AC and eve and the rest health and defense items , it was weird , he lost the match but I don’t know if it’s his team or his build made the game harder for his team , it was questionable maybe this guy saw it some where and wanted to try it .

I like the Magnus build with :vgitem_aftershock: and :vgitem_clockwork: as the first two T3 items.

Magnus with :vgitem_aftershock:? Why? Doesn’t fit his kit…

I was being facetious. It was a build I saw someone use in a casual 5v5. Made me chuckle.

To that player’s credit - he/she was very open to feedback and added more appropriate items later and actually ended up playing a good game!

Oh! I’m still sleep. That SAW build is the shank SAW build. It cames from the old 3v3 days. :vgitem_aftershock: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_brokenmyth: this build used to be very strong.

Just got teamed up with a Catherine who built Stormcrown as first item (not even as first T3 item, she had SC before she had T1 boots or anything else). But she wasn’t even playing badly, good strategy, good mechanical… I just didn’t understand this choice of build.

:vgitem_stormcrown: allows you to snowball the enemy jungler and provide good damage against heroes in early along with cooldown reduction and energy regeneration. Is usually build if you are playing roam aggressively

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Hum yeah, but she was mostly babysitting the laner and using :vgitem_stormcrown: to steal the treant close to the base ^^ Didn’t even do the first jungle rotation with me.

But then she nicely initiated a gold miner, and for this purpose, :vgitem_stormcrown: was clearly useful

If you talking about 3v3 that’s not useful at all , enemy was bad , if you see your enemy rushing stormcrown especially for a hero like Catherine gg you can pressure them the whole game and win every single fight , but you need a team understanding Catherine bubble .

When I’m Catherine top I almost always go :vgitem_t2_stormguardbanner: -> :vgitem_journeyboots: -> :vgitem_stormcrown:

If I’m not doing to well with :vgitem_t2_stormguardbanner: and :vgitem_journeyboots:, I’ll use the :vgitem_t2_chronograph: to get a :vgitem_aftershock: before my :vgitem_stormcrown:.

I will agree that it’s a weird choice if Catherine is :vgroles_captain: - then I normally don’t even get :vgitem_stormcrown:

Yeah sorry for the lack of details, indeed it was 3v3 and she was captaining.
For a top Catherine, I kinda understand it. Doesn’t seem like an optimal choice to me, but definitely viable.

Well… roams rushing :vgitem_stormcrown: is not strange in 3v3, it allows you to steal the enemy jungle easily.

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