How op is wp Grace now?

Dang son. PSA, Grace isn’t banned and has become a meta wp jungle pick. I didn’t even have to build BP, I was MVP with just SB and TM. xD

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People are starting to ban her (thank god). But I still seem to be matched with people who instaban Taka and Fortress.


She’s at Rona’s position last patch but top lane

Lol my team was worried in draft chat. Enemy picked Taka, my response was lol Taka suxxxxx.

Takes a while for people to catch on. Taka is in potato mode until further notice.


Top tier waifu just how I like it

How have people not caught on to how disgusting Grace is. She’s top 3 in Top, Bot and Jungle. Top 2 if you take away the perma bans for this patch (Malene, Kensei and Fort). She can build so many different items and have them work, from SB TB to SM BP to SB TM TM TM. Hell, even CP with our favourite TOTALLY BALANCED ITEM Aftershock is good on her. Her trades, waveclear and turret pushing are disgusting, and although she might not perform great in teamfights, she offers burst damage, which is amazing in SoloQ for picking off stray enemy team members. Plus, her heal has an amazing base so you’ve got some good team utility.

Who the fuck bans Taka? Surely malene, lyra, reza and Kensei are priority bans?


People that don’t read the patch notes and still haven’t caught on with less than a week left till the new season, solo-q in a nutshell.

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The era of banning Taka due to inability to establish proper vision will never cease, I promise.


The people im playing with still does it apparantly.

Rofl, hotfixed. Is she a potato now or what?

Nice Necro.
Grace is still a strong pick. She is very hard to kill and still has very high base damage and utility, which is very valuable in top lane.