How much glory will be refunded if you had every maxed talent and talents were removed?

It takes 2,262 rare talent coins to reach lv 20.
The total upgrade cost to reach lv 20 is 33,485 glory.
If each rare talent coin is refunded at 20 glory each, thats 45,240 glory refunded.
Total 78,725 glory refunded per maxed rare talent.

It takes 54 epic talent coins to reach lv 10.
The total upgrade cost to reach lv 10 is 38,900 glory.
If each epic talent coin is refunded at 1,000 glory each, thats 54,000 glory refunded
Total 92,900 glory refunded per maxed epic talent.

It takes 14 legendary coins to reach lv 5.
The total upgrade cost to reach lv 5 is 45,000 glory.
If each legendary talent coin is refunded at 6,000 glory each, thats 84,000 glory refunded.
Total 129,000 glory refunded per maxed legendary talent.

Now lets add all of that up.

Each hero you have with all maxed talents will get you 300,625 glory refunded.
There is currently a total of 45 heroes, so if you have every talent maxed, you will get refunded a total of…

13,528,125 glory.

With that amount of glory, you can buy:
1,691 new heroes
Oh you cant spend glory anywhere else


Refunding glory is child’s play they already did one when talents were first released. Refunding actual money on the other hand is an absolute headache since you can spend it on talent chests or on glory to get talent coins or on battle pass levels to get coins. So first it’s near on impossible to estimate with precision how much actual money a player spent on them and second it would lead to all sorts of fiscal complications with the authorities with so much revenue just disappearing. Talents are here to stay.

How much backlash do you think they would get if SEMC woke up one day to remove talents and just refunded everyone their glory?

If they were to do it without refunding real money just glory ? The damage would be beyond repair they would lose any form trust left in the community and those who spent hundreds of dollars on talents would probably go as far as taking legal actions.

I think those that have spent ICE to get the Talent Chests and those that have chased after the super strong Talents to abuse would probably be outraged.

Those that grind the Talents through the free system and by playing the game would probably feel offended as all their efforts are wasted.

Those that couldn’t care less for Talents would not care.

Those that want Talents gone would rejoice.

Those that have Talent Coins but never bothered levelling them up will feel SEMC’s action as an act of generosity as now they have all these free Glory lying around.

Personally, I don’t mind much. The Talents I’ve been grinding are not part of the meta sets and my true intention is to turn the Daily 5 Talent Chest into a Glory dispenser by maxing out the Talents (via levelling them up to the max or just collect Talent Coins to the max amount to trigger the payback).
Have the system pay for itself in a fashion.

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Well then i guess the best and only solution is to replace a p2w system with another p2w system.

Imagines League’s old rune system.

Or an overhaul of the entire character model to enable DoTA2 and TF2 style of character customizations.

Like interchangeable parts, more silly hats that fits onto every hero and their skins etc.

Actually, what would the backlash be like if there was a non p2w cosmetics glory sink enough for 10 million glory and glory for talents were refunded?

My first impression would be players saying/complaining to the high heavens: “Not enough stuff to spent on immediately! Give us more!”

The cannot feasibly increase the entry cost of some Events that use Glory as the gate.

I think the best ideas I could come up with is to have:

  • a Glory to Essence converter,
  • Blueprint Chest for Glory,
  • enable SE skins to be bought by both Glory and Opals,
  • skip a Guild Level by using Glory, enable Emotes and Social Pings (like one of the pings rather than the whole set) purchasable via Glory for a short period after the refund, and
  • enable specific Hats crafting material purchasable via Glory

Make whatever’s there become the Glory sinkhole permanently or temporarily.

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Yeah, glory is pretty useless.

But you can do worse, I got a blueprint yesterday and tho I don’t like it (silvernails rare), as I got over 100 000 essence I am like - ok, will unlock it and whatever. Then as I talk to my girlfriend and am distracted, I buy the skin for ICE instead of pressing crafting and then craft, etc. Atleast I got 300 more essence from the rare blueprint, right? :rofl:

just delete talent and refund those talents to ice

Give back ice, everyone be happy with hats.