How many games modes does one game need?

So I’ll admit it, I’m a one man MOBA player for the previous 2/3 years so have little experience of VGs competition (I tried but the graphics were too much to stomach).

But having read a few reviews I’m hoping the community might help me understand just how many game modes AOV etc have. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that VG offers more, which when combined with a smaller player base explains terrible match making mechanics.

If I’m right this needs to be addressed ASAP because it’s going to continue to have a negative effect on the game.

There’s also a Ranked mode which takes place on the 5v5 map

That blows that theory up then…

Nope matchmaker just sucks kek

Valid theory though, I’ll admit that’s also what I thought for a while. Coupled with the misinformation that most VG players like to spread that only ~50 people play VG, I guess it would seem like the game modes are what’s throwing it off.

50? As may as that? Comes as a surprise…

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Aov has no dodging a a min or 2 que tops…

Heroes evolved offers an adventure mode with 7v7 besides 5v5 and 3v3.

It has more modes and more players.

Mobile legends now has 100million downloads and a new map.

Vainglory has wasted its resources. They were top dog for 2 years straight and then everything went to hell…

Best patches in the game were before the seasons arrived. It went downhill from there because they changed the company policy.

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