How many days left in season?

I don’t have VG installed atm.
I have several summer keys and was wondering how many days I have left to trade those in. Currently out of the country and no wifi etc…

And we’ll be able to trade keys in either next update or the the update after SEMC wasn’t clear so I’m not saying anything for sure.

I am at lvl 45 and will probably reinstall to hit 50 and max out my ice lol…

It’s next update, they said that once the new season starts you won’t be able to sell them.

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Yeah I’m really looking for something to progress in. Now that I’m done with sunlight I feel like there is no reason to play. I would love to attempt to progress in rank but I feel like my rank is completely out of control. I’ve reached the tuer where everything is decided by which t10 players got the t9 bronze who just got t9 bronze and which team got the team who actually deserved t9 bronze. The matches don’t feel in my control, I want to play carry positions but if I don’t give it to me my teammates they’ll rage, and if I don’t choose the character they think is best they rage. Then I’ll have teammates who troll with Petal midlane. Like I don’t feel like I am the reason we are losing and I don’t see what I can doing wrong. I do often times make mistakes of course and choose the wrong option but then I try to correct them by trying another way but I just run into another problem with my teammates. I just feel like there’s no reason to play especially with how stake things are getting

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I was at 2388 but lost several matches due to the issues you described and therefor took a break from the game.

We need beter quality matching and communication for sure.

Heck yeah. I really would love communication. I mean voice chat is effy but like im pretty sure we can get some text chat or whatever. Seriously though, communication is like my main problem in this game

we have two days left

For this patch yeah but not for season :wink:

I was about to make a thread, but I’ll just stick it here.

Any opinions on the idea of buying season levels?

Without seeing the price I can’t say anything, if it’s very expensive then it’s not worth it, but if it’s cheap then its unfair to those who have grinder hard.

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“If it’s cheap then it’s unfair to those who have grinded hard”

This is actually my main worry/frustration…