How League Fights Cheating

Really interesting post giving an overview of how Riot’s anti-cheating squad fights the good fight to keep the game fair.


People actually caught others cheating because of vg pro stats , like I don’t know if semc take this seriously because we see bad players every where , boosters everywhere .

First, define ‘booster’ and second, how do you know you see them everywhere?

Also, @hazeleyes that’s a really interesting article. I can’t imagine the amount of money they must have to finance dedicated staff like that.


It’s totally out of a mobile game scale (even a successful one, minus something like fortnite, but it’s a special case with crossplatform).

Their operations center is pretty impressive … :star_struck:

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Booster is someone playing with others account to climb them up and gain a skill they can’t reach , and there is boosting but without sharing accounts it’s just get carried , seeing bad players could be a result of one of those , I know that there is a lot of things can effect someone playstyle , but reading the article made me think about how competitive vg can be and how people want to climb so vg as a mobile Moba could attract these kind of players , knowing that vg is a small company can’t catch boosting , they have smurf detector but it’s very easy to detect .