How is the map mirrored?

Top lane was hardcore camped by Ringo in a game last night, and it made me wonder about how the map worked. SEMC said they used “mirror technology” or something in the reveal, but does anyone know how it really works? If the map is not truly the same on both sides like it looks, but each team is seeing that they’re coming from the bottom side, how can the enemy team hide in bushes or take paths that don’t appear on your team’s side if they’re seeing the same side? If the map was actually perfectly mirrored and the enemy side just appeared to be different, wouldn’t you see enemies running through “walls” or having to go around obstacles that aren’t there?

This is driving me crazy it’s only 10 am. My brain is not online, someone please explain this to me. There’s probably a simple answer to this but I can’t for the life of me think of anything that makes sense.

Their top is your bot and vice versa. It is the same map but the viewing angle is different up and down.

You can see the difference by looking at the dragon locations. So a bot will always face the enemy top and vice versa.

For example if you’re in bot and wonder how enemies see you just go to top lane lol

he’s looking for a technical answer. he aint a newbie. Dragon locations and top is bottom, etc is all known facts.

i think he means what happens when skill shots or heroes pass through that invisible line that is the “mirror”… how is it possible that there are no glitches, etc.

and the answer is, there are glitches actually. I found one when testing the range of Baron’s jumps over walls on the map.

Anyone else notice any “mirror” glitches?

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OH. I assumed the mirror was over the river, not the mid lane. That clears it up, thanks.

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I was actually looking for a simple answer, but now that you mention it, it does seems weird that I haven’t noticed any major glitches like that. I guess they did a good job smoothing it out. What sort of glitches are you seeing? Did you report it?

i dont think mirroring the map helps in anyway and makes it actually harder due to minions placement (when a jungler and sidelaner clears the jungle together)

it was posted in the “which walls can be jumped”… no I didn’t report it. because it’s not a game changer. it’s just super annoying if it ever happens. you really need to zoom into the picture and read it to understand.

the map is more rotated 180 degrees…

The “mirror tech” semc talks about is how they can rotate a map 180° so that everyone starts on left and heads right. The map itself is not mirrored or digitally altered in any way. It is a fully-handcrafted map viewed from different angles depending on which team you are on.

I also want to point out that this is not mirroring/reflection. What semc did is rotate a map. #Literallyunplayable kek

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