How do i transfer the game?

I have a samsung galaxy On5 and I m buying an Honor Play soon. I dont have enough data to download VG again. I want to transfer the game from my old to the new phone. How do i do it?
I did some research long back and i had read that i should move some obb file or something idk. Someone please help. Thanks!

See if your new phone supports NFC app transfers,its when you tap your phone against another phone with the NFC setting turnes on and it will give you the option to “Android Beam” i think its called or something like that
Otherwise plug your phones into a computer and manually drag the entire VG folder into your new phone, after a restart it may recognize the app, if it doesnt you open the VG folder, click the APK file and install it

Hmm ill try it out. Where exactly will the “VG folder” be?
I know its inside the folder called android but under that theres a data, obb, media, obj folder and theres a vg folder in both data and obb. should i take both of them?

If you follow that path it should bring you to vainglorys files, you may ha e to activate the “Show Hidden Files” setting on your phones file manager

Edit: I cant guarantee that transfering data like this will let you be able to successfully tranfer vg and play it through this method. There may be certain files that are phone specific that could prevent it from installing or things of that nature.
If your able to get an internet connection to download it id recommend that over doing raw file transfers

I extremely dont recommend messing around with any files you dont understand, im just offering up what I know from past experience.


okay sure np. Ill try it out when i get my phone tomorrow.