How do I sell summer keys?


The more uncertainty they create with regards to opportunities to get keys, the more likely certain players are to buy deals that contain keys. If they said how many opportunities were left to get keys, people like myself would begin frantic calculations and cost-benefit analyses to determine whether or not it was worthwhile to continue trying to get keys. Denying players this information prevents them from doing the mental math and may force others into simply buying deals with keys in order to remove all uncertainty and be done with it.


or, it pisses the players off and they dont buy anything at all and jump to another game.

there is a limit to how much bull a person can take before they take their money elsewhere.


I’m not saying you’re wrong, and I completely agree. I’m just saying that transparency is purposely lacking.


Why would anyone buy summer keys?
That skin is totally not worth the effort.
10 keys=1500 Ice.


Meanwhile they f**kin actually repeated the silvernail event to squeeze every last bit of money they can get from people just 2 days before silvernail’s glory release.


Yeah thats a very bad joke…

Copy paste…


I wonder if i could shove a summer key into a gold chest :thinking::thinking::thinking: i mean they’re practically gold right?..


You cant, sadly. And even if you could It wouldnt be worth It.