How do I sell summer keys?

Exactly as the title says, SEMC said we have to sell our summer keys before the next patch or they are erased if not used but I have no clue as to how.

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I was wondering the same thing, but it seems the feature has not yet been implemented.

It may be to avoid riots by people who have collected X keys so far, and want to turn them in for ICE because they think they won’t get enough to open the chest by the end of the season. But there may be some events for multiple keys yet to come, allowing them to get the skin, after all. Cue tears.

Personally, I just think it’s annoying to have to do it in a very limited timeframe.

One of the devs posted somewhere (I forget where – either Slack or Reddit) that the feature wasn’t yet available.

I’m sure we can rely on SEMC to implement it in the most annoying fashion possible: probably it will suddenly appear without warning, then be available for only 2 days. :koshkaeyeroll:


god damn, semc could just tell us how many keys are available in events to come for free, for bp users, for ice etc… and let us sell the keys right away if we want. i want to turn them into ice now, because i need it for the next bp.

It never ceases to amaze me how poorly they communicate about, well, pretty much everything regarding the game.

Have you ever watched one of Jeff Kaplan’s Overwatch vids? THAT is a team that knows how to communicate with their community.


i havent, but it isnt that hard to keep the community updated and happy. after all, all these events had to be made ready before the update abd someone had to plan on how and when to do them.

have you played yugioh duel links? THAT is how you do events. they keep me in despite the insane power creep in the game atm.

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You still play that? That game is broken on so many levels…

They should update to make the game match the actual game… So much potential all gone to waste on the blitz format…

lol the overwatch forums is literally complaining that the dev team’s communication sucks and that the game is only updated once every few months

I didn’t say the Overwatch FANS were any different from any other game’s fans, tho. Lol

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lol, although the game balances are still super annoying
Characters like reaper have been unusable since the first few seasons

Let’s not hijack the thread into an Overwatch discussion, tho …

The lesser the people get to turn them, the better for SEMC. So why would they tell anything lol.

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The game is updated every month to two weeks. The Overwatch community is bi-polar and dramatic, people contradict themselves left and right, praise the devs one second then hate on them the other. Reaper is viable especially now since Brigitte and Ana really helps stop the mobile heroes who Reaper has a hard time chasing. Players just don’t know and are not willing to try him, people also just don’t know how to be sneaky with him either.

@hazeleyes sorry for derailing the thread but I also don’t see the devs giving us a response too.

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I was referring to duel links not overwatch… Couldn’t care less about Overwatch lol…

I tagged the wrong person I’m sorry. Edit: idk how I tagged you I must’ve been thinking of something at the time but forget or something.

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like the actual game. so no difference there. it actually gets a little better with each update and some of the events keep me in. allthough the people decided on which cards to put into the game seem to have no clue at all on what works and what doesnt. i tend to stay away from too much pvp, it just gets annoying, but i still open the game once every two days or so. more on good events.

i think semc needs to step up their events for the next season by a lot, or those annoying pay or grind your ass off sudden events will start to tire too many players and let them turn towards other games.

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This is one of the things that got worse with the PoB exit.

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Yep, totally agree with that.

I just don’t understand why can’t they just automatically convert the keys to ice after season end.
Like without requiring players to do anything at all, ir it’s easy: player A has Rainbow Chest and 10 Summer Keys, just credit them the skin. Player B lacks one or the other requirements, just convert the keys (if any) to ice.

Idk, it’s so easy to do I can’t help but think this is just smec being smec and trying every dirty little tactic to screw f2p and sabotage all their possible earnings thinking it will mean more moneys for them.


10 keys is 1500 ice…

I’d rather have the Ice…

The skin is nothing special to be honest… Especially since you already get the orange tabby from battle chest…