How are YOU jungling in 5v5?

  • Where should a jungler go to start the game/their rotation? Does this change if you’re CP/WP?

  • If you want to start with an invade, what’s a viable invade force? Do you need all five? Should a 3 man group go and start split pushing? What would you invade?

  • If you don’t invade and start on your side, what’s the rotation you like to take?

  • Are there times the jungler should take the CP/WP buffs? If yes, what do you do when you have them?

I have a ton more questions but I think these are a good place to start.

*Bonus Question: Are there ANY differences between the two ‘sides’ I should know about?

  1. Usually a buff bc that helps them jungle. But it can also go to the laner if the laner uses it better, IE a SAW
  2. If you want to invade its usually 1-3 people. 1 Person is when you know you can grab a camp and get out, 2 for getting a camp and possibly a kill, and 3 for taking the entire jungle in that corner and trying to force people to leave lanes to help the opposing jungler.
  3. Usually buff, then small camps/treant camps, then goldoak. When you rotate between jungles, try and see if you can gank someone/when you are in between camps see if the side lane close by needs help.
  4. Usually, you take the buff of your color after the laner takes first rotation (bc then he hits level 2). When you have them, you should try to push an advantage and gank lanes.
    BONUS: the dragons are in opposite places… not much else

If you want 5v5 tips and stuff, ask @idmonfish He has articles on Broken Myth to read, and you can contact him on Discord or here.
Hope I helped :slight_smile:


It depends on whether you’re invading and whether you want a buff. If neither of these things matter to you, start in the side of the jungle you want to gank.
If you’re in a team, you can also go for the maximum efficiency clear. Start at WP Buff, then take gold oak and treants with your bot laner. Mid and Top lane can duo CP Buff, the Todd twins and the Top laner can solo Treants. This will get all of your non-captains to level 2 (as long as the captain doesn’t leech).

4 people is ideal IMO. Have your Bot/Top laner try and clear the other side of your JG before it gets stolen.

WP buff is godly for characters like Krul, Kosh, Rona or Glaive. You can go ahead and take it for those junglers. If your mid laner is CP (and half decent), you shouldn’t really be taking CP buff away from them. If they’re WP though, go ahead.

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I always split push invade… 3 go WP buff… 2 go CP buff… and fall back if you encounter heavy resistance… its not worth spending all that time trying to get first blood unless you have a clear advantage, then go for it.

Teamwork is key. Hard to find in low tiers (where i am)… Just remember not to get greedy, just fall back and clear your jungle rather than dieing… i always port back after taking gold treant and buy boots, t1 shield. (start with 2 offensive items)

Jungle invade on the second round of jungle spawn is just as rewarding if you missed the first round.

If i’m Taka… this is usually when i start to gank the enemy at top or bottom ( or which ever lane only has 1 hero pushing ) …

Just remember defending your jungle is equally important - I can’t stress this enough - ( i’m looking at you Laner’s who just keep farming when i’m in dire need of assistance)

It is the Jungler’s job to pick off those who over extend, especially if they’re on low health… so map awareness is vital. It can be the difference between letting an easy kill slip by … or securing that hard fought battle between laner’s who are both on a slither of health…

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A successful jungle invade would mean you’ll have the enemy CP or WP buff… fall back and take your CP or WP buff… leaving your CP / WP buff intact for your laner… I usually ping the laner to come get it… but low tiers is like pinging a brick wall… In which case i just take it for the experience… always be killing something… falling back on a gold / experience lead is very bad…

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Depends on who I’m jungling. Koshka i would start with the CP buff and work down the across to heal. Krul is start WP buff, take gold minion then health buff.

Not convinced that invading is the best tactic in casual soloq. Of course I’ll try push out CP buff team across to see if they’re there and invade if practical but they this is very game / team specific.

Buffs? Yes certain hero’s should take the buff, Krul and Koshka for instance are early game monsters and will inflict more DMG than a CP vox. Again this is hero dependent and your laner should be on the same page. Later stages I’d argue lane should get the priority (though Krul etc benefit greatly from WP buff).

At the moment it can be rather frustrating jungling. Laners seem to abuse your farm, and starve you of Exp and gold. I don’t think this is a conscious decision on their part, rather than games rather frantic mid game period when lanes are getting pushed and death spawn times get longer.

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Only thing concerning sides is to recognize that your bottom is their top, meaning that an enemy CP jungle will most likely begin on your bottom (unless a top CP buff invade) and WP will most likely begin on your top (unless a bottom WP buff invade). This is useful to keep in mind if you have an enemy Taka (assume CP, until you see WP) and you’re wondering if you should stick close to your bottom lane, etc.

Other than that, the Gold Oak gives 50 more gold than the two minions on top, so theoretically your bottom jungler should grow slightly faster.

As far as which buff first, if I have a dive comp I will ping to invade early, in which case most times you only need 3. This is especially true if enemy mid laner didn’t go for CP buff. I aslo like giving the buff to the carry, but recently I’ve been getting angry pings when I take it as a carry.

For me
TOP lane and mid lane and jungle for crystal buff or invade.

Roam and bottom lane take both the gold miner and weapon buff

Anyone ever try starting with Kaku then stealing the opponents Wp buff then just run away?

For me…when i played Taka, first i took over wp buff from bot lane. Then took goldoak, moved to upper jungle to kill any minnion left. After that while waiting the jungle minnion respawning i help cleaned the mid lane. I walked through the river to help top laner. Moved to mid lane to helped my mid carry and went back to jungle. Jungling bot and top and helped my laner to push turret. Then i tried to colonized enemy jungle with my laner, sometimes i gave the buff to my laner. The situation is very dependable… so it is just my brief summary when i played jungle.

Think the buff depends on the hero your rotating with. Early game junglers should probably be given the buff.

What I find with jungle clearance is laners will steal your heap minion (I get it) but they’ll also take the buff which leaves you with very little to farm. Anyone else running into this? Often see my laner clearing my jungle and it’s annoying.