How anti-climatic

The reason for this thread is:

  • To complain about the ‘red banner’ and ‘red logo’ period most SEMC social media accounts and sites had.

  • To see what others think of that period as well.

  • To see what others think of the new banner and/or logos the social media accounts and sites have.


My goodness, that wait was lame as heck. I was expecting a new banner and logo for the upcoming PC launch, but the wait became such a bore.

The new banner and logo are fine, if not expected since they literally used the same one they already had in the game since update 3.10.

I think they should have just changed the banner and logo instantly rather than leave them red for no rhyme or reason other than to build anticipation which deflated like something worst than a balloon filled with helium.

Again, this is certainly one of the weird things that the company has done on the marketing side of things or social media management.


I agree. what was the point? Marketing on the whole for this game is just getting worse and worse.

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