How actively/aggressively should we promote?


Should we wait and see who gets here organically or be more involved with getting people here?


Post on reddit!!!
(Please don’t)


We’re off to a pretty good start…


Please no we dare not want shitposts


At this stage the most important thing to do is to build content here.

I’ve basically posted only in a few forum focused places (aka the old forums and a few discords which are focused on forum users). Once this place has built up a bit more content then I think we advertise it more heavily.


Problem is learning the new formatting etc.

Not sure I like the way this forum is laid out. Can’t find half the things I’m looking for.


Odd, I can find anything i’m looking for. Also, you can go to your settings and mute channels you have no interest in so that might help weed out things you don’t care for.


So when you first joined there was a bot which greeted you in a pm - that bot works as a tutorial for the use of discourse - might be worth checking out.


Yep. It’s up to us to make this place active