Holy mother of god what has SEMC done to Reim

Now im not salt about this in the slightest but what the **** just happened.

I didnt read the patch notes %100 but when I saw everyone complaining about Reims kit being gutted comparable to blackfeathers i assumed he got a fat nerf

What i didnt expect is for him to turn into an early and late game 3v3 monster
Who in their right mind thought it would be balanced to give him an AoE root that can be applied without the chill affect!?
He can now keep ALL melee heros at range without a problem!! And then they raise ice spires early and late game damage (Both procs!!)!?

Hes can effectively put out enough damage quick enough to make me think hes an assasin but hes also a tank soooo

Now maybe the goal was to make him more played…well thats not going to happen because hes about to enter my perma ban territory since im officially more scared of his root spire combos damage than prenerf anka

Lord help us all in 3v3 if Reim makes it past ban

Do you guys see Reim as OP now and permaban worthy or is it just me? That spire damage even without building cp early game is just so high

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Nah they removed his chill and gave him all the buffs from it as permanent parts of his kit, so basically he’s the same as he was, but he no longer requires skill to play.


This reim has a 97% win rate, probably some vg silver smurf


I hate what they did to Reim. As main carry, I just needed to make sure I avoid his combo. Now, that the combo thing is gone, even once he gets close to me and successfully hit me with B which will always do at close range (in ganks or clash), then I’m a potato, a dead potato. :triumph:

Its not just you, anyone around reim is turned into a glorified potato

I cant even think of a counter to reim right now
Used to be assassins and anyone with high mobility or high range but now it doesnt matter because he only has to get near you for a split second to use his B then you will be slammed with burst from his B and A, followed by no chance of escaping since his basic attacks apply a slow

He has too much utility and tol much damage in his kit for there to be no skill requirement

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Exactly, imagine that they got rid of Skyes target lock.

She would be sooo broken.

Reim needed skill to play and they got rid of it. Wow

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SEMC decided to make a drastic change to be sure Reim gets into the 5v5 meta, no matter the price it cost


If they removed the chill, they could have decreased the range atleast lol.


Ah that’s why I could play him… I thought maybe the other team was actually worse than me but this makes much more sense

I didn’t play reim yet , but to be honest reim needed the change because his kit doesn’t fit what he supposed to be , the chill is great but it needs sticking and sticking is hard with all the mobility and cc around reim , like even if you think about the Melee heroes they can sustain and get out of range most of the time , the chill made reim life hard and made other heroes bully him easily .

Like even when people considered reim broken in the health changes updates , the thing that made him op was being so tanky not the damage , his damage was ok but eventually going to kill you if you keep fighting him , so that’s the problem with reim you could make him tanky with less damage hard to kill because he is slow and get bullied easily , or you get rid of the chill and make him a real Melee dangerous hero who can catch enemies easier without being outplayed .

So when someone say his kit easy now , they ignored how hard it was to be the hero semc designed you to be , reim can’t do anything to most of the heroes , he could just bully some heroes early with help , he couldn’t even 1v2 or 1v3 like the old days before .

Like I didn’t play him this patch yet but I can imagine how I can use the new root and when , getting rid of the chill bonus damage and put it in the abilities damage is huge , it makes him a good poke hero not just a Melee fighter .

Lol Reim was a sleeper before the patch as them fixing his energy requirements made him an early and mid game monster, jungle or lane. The extra buff to him this patch was just like them giving Reza more dashes: he didn’t really need it lol. People would be so mad when I picked reim before patch until they saw me get the first 5 kills of the game. I haven’t tried him now but his aoe root without any windup or skill just sounds scary. Not like he didn’t have his ult to secure an aoe root in the first place…now its just root, pummel, ult, pummel, dash, root again lmao, a WHOLE team, I imagine.

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The problem is that there are so many heroes who are simply dead if Reim catches them, so to be balanced it had to be hard for him to catch people.

On another note, I’ve run into at least 4 different SEMC employees playing Reim tonight, so I think someone might have told them to playtest him. As he is right now, any melee hero who relies on movement is useless if he’s in the match.


Then you need to make him tanky , and that’s not going to happen because semc want to see heroes getting melted they don’t like sustain heroes , reim supposed to be countered by ranged and counter Melee heroes , semc realized that reim counter a lot of heroes then they nerfed him , they gave Melee heroes a good space to outplay him while he already countered by a lot of ranged heroes , so he left with few heroes he could counter but they weren’t strong to be played like glaive and joule and both of them destroy him late game.

@TheInterpreter I don’t think reim was strong , I played him against Melee heroes last patch and got destroyed , his fortified health was weak , he needed a very good support to win fights , I played as a support with others who played reim and we won fight because I do my part as a roam to give reim the advantage , but the old reim before the nerfs was so strong early that enemy need to stay together to stop his invades , and I didn’t need any help from my team .

The problem is that he’s a hard counter to so many heroes. The idea behind his kit is horrible, honestly, because either enemies can avoid him easily, or he totally shuts them down. You can basically go through the list of junglers, and he counters almost all of them, because they are all designed to fight in his range.

I’ve been seeing SEMC playing him in 3v3, and he’s ridiculous there just because there is no way to contribute to a fight and be so far away that he can’t just poop boots and reach you on a map that size. In 5v5 he’s probably not so bad because you can move around where he can’t reach and still have a chance of joining the fight.

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I usually had success with him easily. When playing serious I build eve, de, jb, sf, pw, and cw. All the complaints about him being slow went out the window with that lol. Just dash up, smack, root, spire, ult, spire, by that time you have another dash and almost have a root again lol. I never got why so many people complained he was slow.

His fortified HP was indeed trash but he was really good. There was basically no one he couldn’t snowball. His damage was insanely good.