Hit VG for the first time on my SEA (Main) account

I’ve been VG for a few seasons on my NA account but I had never made it to VG on my main account which based in SEA where I am.

A combo of solo queue and party matches - particular thanks to Tezza, Grek and Leo for the shared matches.

The last match was a doozy - ended up facing MrJim in solo queue who was probably the 3rd best laner in SEA in 3v3. Somehow my team won (I personally just managed to hold my ground and I was happy with that).


That’s just VG bronze, though…

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you must have godlike internet to reach vg in na before sea :confused: give me

congratulkations :smiley: i hope you stay there for another game at least

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Sure but I’m just a lowly captain main - no gold for me…

I average 150-200 in NA I am 80-150 in SEA.

My plan now is to get my other accounts up and camp with this one - only playing when I have a full team on.

so SEA is tougher than NA or is it jsut easier to run into low skilled t10 players in NA?

Oh damm im slacking. I better start sniping some ppl for their elo huehuehue.


Honestly they are about the same - its just that Australia had the huge long lasting connectivity issues to Singapore when the cables went down at the same time as I had time to play so its basically where my increased game sense and understanding from coaching ended up paying off. Also helped that I was in NA for a week for a conference last year so could push myself over the top having basically zero ping for a change. Then I would have gotten my SEA account to VG as well but it was Worlds prep and 5v5 development testing and after that I was just playing 5v5 since I had become hooked.


I’m sure it was easy for you you probably put at POA bronze

Hotness, played up to SA gold, they fixed it and I was back to hotness again and played up from there.

Oh actually im only 1 win away from vg bronze lol. And my teammates started not caring about 5v5 rank too and only play to get rid of the decay. So rip i guess im playing rank once a week only again.

There we go much better

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