Hi its me again 🙂 but Im talking about saw this time

Soooooo CP Saw is really fun compared to WP.


Can they rework his ultimate to be a be a mode instead of the certain # of basic attack’s to be splash damage. They can remove the % missing health since his A makes up big time for it.

The only problem I have with CP Saw is how limited he is during a teamfight. You Shank, Suppressing Fire, use your refreshed A, and then pull off a few Mad Cannon shots (Doesnt really deal damage) and then your done.

Can they change it so that Saw uses his cannon mode and every shot uses a certain amount of energy for every basic attack he deals while in his Ultimate Mad Cannon mode?

Kinda like jinx but not…

Adventures of playing Saw

CP saw is actually viable in a good player hands (that also knows how his skills chain when playing him CP). WP is meh tho, they killed it as it’s easy to exploit him if he is strong (this goes for few other heroes too).

Lmao get Dankshanked. Yeah nah CP SAW is decent, it’s WP they have to do something about.

Best SAW is still SAWport


Too bad they dont want to do anything to him besides leaving him as a potato :tipping_hand_man:

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Agree, they could keep his identity, but make him reasonable via rework. Firstly he was designed for 3vs3, this means A LOT smaller map and travel distances + team fights doesn’t move with that much = his “spin up, move slower” and generally slower movement are ok there, but totally a insane handicap in 5vs5 were:
A) map is huge compared and travel distances are huge
B) team fights tend to move a lot of distance and saw is just left

Then it comes the new CC heroes released and that you have 5 enemy heroes and a lot more enemy heroes with some form of CC vs 3vs3 and it’s times.

So essentially instead of changing him to be viable, but while keeping his identity so it feels like the same heroes with skills that would be appropriate for him… they just did the easy thing - killed him to the point that he have problems even to 1vs1 a lot of WP carries (if not all). Not to talk about the previous SAW 3vs3 iteration of “all team is needed + atlas”. Now 1 alone WP carry is enough in some cases and no atlas is needed at all. Even turrets doesn’t fall as quick compared to the other WP carries.

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I honestly think this is the best way to balance him rn. WP destroying low tiers hurts the new player experience a lot more than him being decent in higher tiers would improve it.

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Not sure if I actually get what you mean but if you mean best way to balance him is to make him unplayable how is that balance? Maybe dealing with him but certainly not balance. I agree with the rework idea. It is needed. No way SAW would be balanced by number changes in his current state. That’s also the case with other old heroes.


If you make him balanced in high tiers, he becomes completely over powered in lower tiers where players don’t know how to counter him. This actually hurts the experience of more players than a “balanced” wp saw.

So yes, making him unplayable is the way to balance him.

That’s no balance. That’s hiding from problems. That’s why he needs a rework. Of course he can’t be balanced in low tiers if he’s viable in high tiers in his CURRENT state. That’s what I said. Even then. No matter how bad he is, he’s always broken in low tiers. Just needs rework. But running from problems doesn’t fix them.


One of my buddies ONLY plays “sawpport”… he gets a spellfire, a broken myth, a fountain, stays back, uses A often, nails his suppressing fire. He is tieres 10/9 solely with saw. It’s impressive!


For me that’s troll not support. I am not saying he means it like that but if anyone is given a chance to have a support/tank or SAWport in literally any match no one would ever choose SAW. He might not have bad intentions and be having fun but his team mostly isn’t. That is unless he’s always in full party but that’s not very likely I guess.

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His C doesn’t need to be reworked. CP SAW requires a good stutter-step and all three skills working as one to pull off the insane burst damage he’s infamously known for. Nerfing his C or changing its fundamental mechanics to benefit WP SAW has a reasonably high likelihood of gimping CP SAW.

His C’s power is relative to the amount of missing health an enemy has: the less they have when he’s hitting them with shells, the more destructive each successive shell becomes. It also does AoE damage. It’s relatively balanced despite all of the utility it provides, and can hurt a lot in 5s where there are more enemies and a greater likelihood of said enemies grouping up.

What should be changed is his B. Allow players to cancel it mid-cast and make it so SAW gains spin-up stacks in incremental amounts as the skill is channeling. If he stops his B early, he is allowed to keep the stacks he accumulated during the casting animation but he loses the immediate skill refresh on his A as a consequence. Allowing the skill to complete it’s casting animation fully rewards SAW with a refreshed A.

CP Saw is actually very good as a hero, and was so much better when he still had his decaying slow on B instead of slow only while hit with the ability. I think CP Saw is actually the reason they removed it, since you could easily chase down enemies with the A or push in with your C on full speed, unless it is just a lasting unintentional bug.

He has a great poke with his B that if you time it right, can prevent many ranged heroes early game from getting close to you or pick off running enenies from afar, while doing considerable damage, and late game it can put the hurting on them from afar, enough to deter them. His A is one of the best abilities in the game. It’s free boots if you don’t hit anyone, and a free unengage if you do. You can use it to fake enemies out and make them run away, just to line them up for a B and C combo, not to mention you get another one if you can complete your B? As for mad cannon, it is somewhat lacking early game, but as CP Saw it’s just a finisher early.

Late game is when his mad cannon comes into play, as when you have 9 bullets loaded and another C ready, you can combo your abilities to kill multiple enemies easily. I’ve taken down 3-4 enemies solo just by timing my abilities right and having 18 bullets of mad cannon ready and a slumbering husk plus eve on me. It really kicks off if you have a DE, as you can get about 4 stacks out of a full B by itself ( you only need about 6-7 to equal an SG) and build the rest by AA with lifesteal dealing with any damage you take.

As @anon53431234 said, if your stutter stepping and positioning is good with cp saw there aren’t a lot of enemies that can take you down fast enough, especially solo. Best part is cp saw can be played in any lane effectively, and he doesn’t have as much weakness to stuns as you might think due to his range dmg and ability to run every 5-6 seconds. Not to mention the best part of all: your knife still can hit and roll away if you still have run time left on it after you’ve been stunned, saving you from a lot of near death stun combos.

WP Saw, on the other hand, is pretty much useless without a teamate by late game. If they gave Saw his AA range back it wouldn’t be so bad but WP Saw has no approach or deterring power late game and it makes him pointless for anything other than objective stealing, which is pretty much all you should be doing as WP Saw anyway.

This is coming from a CP Saw main since near when I started playing. He is truly one of the best and safest heroes to play if you know how to place your cams and time your abilities from the appropriate distance.

I have been in parties with him. We have had allies dodge several times when he picks Saw in draft. Admittedly, it is quite frustrating that he literally NEVER plays anyone else. It does make games a bit painful and stressful, but I have over a 70% win with the dude. It’s fun to play off-META, but it does get a bit annoying to your point about it being a bit troll-ish.

Our entire team flamed someone for picking SAW because he didnt get Magnus.

Long story short he ended up carrying us all…

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Back in 3v3 I played every hero there is in jungle. I do LOVE off-meta and variety. So yeah I agree it’s fun. My point was that if he’s playing solo/duo/trio he can’t expect to be accepted by random teammates. Especially since he’s not actually going support but CP.


This is the best part about hero rankings now. People might flame you in draft for your picks but once they see a couple stars on your hero, I notice people don’t stress or dodge as much once they get into game. I wish they displayed your stars on the hero you pick in draft so people know you actually have experience with that hero regardless of what kinda build or lane you pick. I’ve had a few people flame me for picking cp flicker, just to watch me get the first kill streak of the match and carry every teamfight to victory with my B and rook’s decree :slight_smile:.

Thats the thing though, hero mastries arent really a way to show that your skilled with the said hero. Win or lose. You still gain points to said hero.

I get what you mean about people wont stress that much when they see the stars but…

You’re absolutely right. It’s one of the best ways we have to telegraph skill right now though. In future patches I do think they should come up with some formula to decrease hero mastery on a specific hero if you aren’t doing well in your matches which would probably be difficult, , or to at least apply a hero mastery decay, similar to ranked decay, every season, which would probably be more feasible. That way we can tell who a person’s most used hero is and therefore who they’re most likely to be consistently good with.

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