Hi everybody!

Hey everybody.
Im unsure if anybody remembers me or even knows me anymore.
Perhaps if you would have a look at the old forums broken pipe you would see me.

I have indeed signed up to this forum early but this is my very first forum post as I remained in the shadows since then, this post is just to ask about help from those who can offer it :smiley:

I have two or more questions.

Is there introduce yourself section? If not, why it’s not there ? :o

Are developers of Vainglory visiting this forum every now and then despite being “unofficial” forum ?

Is there leaks section ? If yes, could you please lead the way, Im still bit lost with this new formatting

Thats all for now.

Have a great day everybody.
It’s good to see old faces again, and good to see new faces to keep this community growing ^^


Heya Buddy! Welcome to the forums!

Here are some answers to your questions:

As far as I know, we don’t have an introduce yourself section. You just post a bit, and everyone gets to know you, and you get to know everybody. I’ve always liked it more that way, you actually interact with people more imo. but you can always make a post in Forum suggestions.

Apparently devs do visit the forums. I haven’t seen any, but some people here say they have.

I don’t think we have a specific leaks section (altho leaks do get posted, I’d have to check some posts to see where to exactly). Again, make a post in suggestions, I think a leaks section might be a good idea.

I haven’t seen an introduce yourself section.
click on the hamburger icon next to your profile picture on the top right and go to groups and join "ConsumerOfLeeks"
we seriously need a group guide for new people

@DragonClasher . . . Erm . . . you have a twin?

Welcome to the forums~! dragonclasher and you seem to have to same taste in avatar

To be fair, it’s a pretty sweet avatar.

I don’t recognize the character. Kinda looks like phoenix from marvel, but not entirely sure…

I’m pretty sure it’s a fanart of Lyra.

Oh lol.

Well to be fair, this was my avatar since old forums

But hey, good to see people with similar taste !

@DragonClasher looks like we might get along?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya, thank you & everybody else for the kind replies.

Im sort of not as lost as I was 12 hours ago :smiley:

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Hey jackeho. Wel cum.

Member from hoc forum here :slight_smile:

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Welcome home hope you enjoy your Stay