Heroes upon unlock for new players

Though this is pretty hard to do but can you give players 3 heroes, each for each role, chosen by themselves and maybe 2 more heroes who are Vox and Taka. This will form their beginning playstyle and if SEMC were really free, making custom tutorial for each hero.


I thought new players already got Taka and Skaarf for free. Iirc, Cath is super cheap so you can have a good support character very easily too. There’s also the free hero rotations.

I think custom tutorials cost SEMC too much time. Maybe if they create a sort of event where the community makes little guides for every character, and then the best ones get featured in-game, it can work. That’d be pretty nice actually especially since the community seems to have a better grasp of high-end play than the devs themselves. Honestly, I’d rather they update the hero spotlights for the older heroes though.


What about making a “?” button in hero section that you can press when you don’t know who to unlock. You will be asked some questions like: do you like dd or cc? Speed or hp? Jungle or lane? Melee or range? etc. Then game will show you a hero that passes to your choses.

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That last part really really depends on the dev - Shinkaigan, Nivmett or Zekent could compete at a pro level if they wanted to and put the time and work in. Afterall Shin already did, and Zekent was a LoL pro player.


No, this remove Taka, Skaarf, Ringo, Cath and Koshka (the 5 newest free heroes for new players) out of the equation and put in new heroes for newbies to use.

That’s true, but judging from some recommended builds from the past and certain patch notes, the devs aren’t always right about there own game. The devs you mentioned are very knowledgable about the game though, but I doubt they are in charge of recommended builds and hero spotlights and such.

Actually the recommended build in game at the mo mostly come from Niv. However those builds are strictly for new players and there were rules around their construction such as keep them simple, do not have too many activables or complex etc so that new players don’t get confused.

Hence yes they are suboptimal builds for high tier play, but they work for their intended purpose.

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I didn’t know that. I must admit that they have become better over time though. They used to be pretty terrible even for newer players, but now they serve their purpose well enough.

It’s nice knowing that Niv is involved in this. He was a great contributor on the old forums with his ask me anything thread. He always had the right answers ready, so it’s good that someone who knows what he is talking about is involved in the recommended build creation.

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Celeste, Lance, and Gwen from the free stuff for new players and by leveling you can earn Ardan and Catherine if I’m not mistaken.

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12 free hero’s? Sounds like a lot to me given the overall hero pool…

Who do you get free at the moment? And how many?

Surely it’s not that hard ongrind up the glory to unlock a hero, by the time you’ve reached level 10 you should have reasonable hero pool (I did this over Xmas and I had double figures).

What I mean here is that newbies will still have 5 heroes but 3 of them are free-to-choose and 2 of them will be Vox and Taka.

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So? They get 5 hero’s in rotation which gives them the chance to try before they buy.

I don’t understand the issue, I created a smurf at Xmas and by the time I reached level 10 I needed to purchase only one hero with ice to unlock draft matches.

Newbies to the game should learn to perfect a smaller hero pool, they really don’t need access to larger number of hero’s playing in low tier games where counter drafting isn’t even a thing.

All ranked should be drafting honstly those who don’t have enough heros for it should be considered casual

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