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Heroes to ban in ranked?


What do you think about it? I think u need to ban krul immediately ıf you wont or your team wont play him


Kensei, reza, malene, lyra.



Krul not so much kensei should be insta but after that it depends on what roles to disrupt


Reza Malene Kensei Lyra
If I get first pick I’ll ban Grace


Reza Kensei Lyra Kestrel Malene


Malene, Reza, Celeste, Kensei.

Other options are Lyra and Celeste. Most other heroes including Krul Alpha and Taka aren’t worth banning…


And yet Taka still gets banned lmao


I didn’t see a Taka ban in 2 months


Lucky you I always see taka and alpha nearly every damn game it makes me sick


Ban whoever your teammates ask to pick first, to really rile them up for the match.

If you want to improve on this, ban heroes that literally nobody would pick.


Always always I say ban saw and phinn to get your team pumped up

this is a bad idea but try it for lolz


Lyra Kensei Malene Reza Kestrel Fortress. The last four have some decent counters. I’d first pick Skaarf he’s very strong atm


Just hope the enemy team bans Ozo and Lorelai and it’ll be a great match


I remember when I first joined the forums and I was like, the only person that liked Lorelai.

My, how far we’ve come


If you’re soloq - Reza, Lyra, Skaarf, Grace, Kensei, Fortress.


They’ll be so pumped they’ll spring a vain lmao…