Heroes complexity

While there are heroes like ringo, whose perk and abilities couldn’t be simpler, there are also others like Idris, with many things on their perk and abilities. Should there be more heroes like ringo, or more like Idris, or maybe a balance between the two kinds? What does each type bring to the game? Does the game become plain and boring with heroes like ringo and do heroes like Idris make the game too complex? Personally, I’d love to have more heroes like Idris, since simple heroes seem dull to me, however I’d like to know the different opinions of players of different tiers and playstyles.

I want to see broader complexity. In particular, though, I’m craving heroes who’s ability is more mechanically complex - I want to try more physically demanding playstyles. Ozo, for instance, has an ability requiring to tap multiple points within a certain timeframe. I would be interested in seeing abilities and / or heroes that incorporated more of the touch-based technology we are using. As we don’t use joystick mechanics in Vainglory, things such as swiping, dragging, multiple taps, maybe even gestures like drawing shapes or something come to mind. We need abilities that push playerside skill forward and, again, are more physically demanding.

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I think it should be more like idris. I saw this one video where captain neato( not sure of spellings) explained a new control mechanism where we could control the character with oir eye movement. I dont inow if this is true or they were just making a joke out of it. Implementing new heros with this control scheme should make it more interesting

Saw the video too, I’m pretty sure it was posted April 1 last year.

Man I should have checked the date on that video.

The more complex a hero has, the more mobility it has.

For example: Ringo has low complexity, and if you fight against Ringo, you will understand that he will build focus heavily on items and attack speed. That’s why, although his DPS output is very high, you can always predict what he will do next, what will he buy, how will his team gank, etc. from the enemy playstyle.

However, Idris, because of having high complexity, will open up many possibilities. It is very hard to predict what will the Idris hero do in the match in ban/pick phase: will he be carry, or jungler? Will he build focus on burst damage with Tension Bow? Or will he build focus on DPS? Will he build Weapon, or CP? And if he build CP, will his team formation becomes nuking team (with Gwen, Idris, Lyra) or a kill-that-carry-asap team? (with Glaive, Idris, Ardan).

In the conclusion, hero with low complexity is predictable, thus provides reliable value. However, hero with high complexity provide unpredictable movement and still provide high value output but players have to well-trained themselves.

For me, I am rooting not for complex hero, but a heroes that provides new mechanics, or playstyles.
Different than other MOBA if possible.

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But to stay on topic, I have really enjoyed Ozo. When it works, it is really fun! Been gearing up to master Idris next. Looking forward more like that. At the same time though, as we introduce people to the game, having more heroes in each class, roll, that are simple like Ringo seems like a good thing. Helps them be free to pay attention to the bigger picture and not be overwhelmed by the nuances of a hero. We have found it tough as my kids have tried to get friends to play.

So the game needs some easy to pick up heroes who are more or less simple - like Ringo, Koshka, Catherine etc.

These are the heroes that new players are encouraged to play and for good reason - they are relatively easy to understand (if not to master).

That said once you have developed your game knowledge, mechanical skill and mastery - more complex heroes are more fun to play. I think however at the moment they are not rewarded enough - it was notably at Worlds that relatively simple heroes were played in preference to complex heroes - because the complex heroes simply give you a better chance of falling flat on your face - by out playing yourself, whereas the simple heroes are reliable.

I think ideally the simple heroes would be balanced to be relatively weak at high tiers, and strong at low tiers of play.

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I would actually like to have more heroes like Idris too.
I want abilities to compliment each other, so that doing combos would be a thing.

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