Hero tuning looks good 3.0

Yay for the cool down reduction on Suri Strike!

Still don’t think Taka’s heal was nerfed enough though. It’s still going to be cancer af with a cool down build. Also, take away the CC immunity with Kaiten. If BF is going to get his kit deloaded Taka should too.

I feel like the healing nerf on Taka was good, as his dive game and ability to come back at low health were weakened. Plus, the addition of a good source of flares in 5v5 to counter him will make him less oppressive.


The nerf to Aegis of 15 shield and to Infussions of 15 shield makes burst damage more appealing late game with heroes basically losing 30 shield. The scout cam buildout and toughness increase will help. But I think his late game may have improved. Plus CP Infussions got a 20 CP damage buff.

Vision is nerfed in 5v5. Scout Cams are a rare resource, and no one beside the roam, and even then it’s a maybe, is going to buy flares.

Even with flares Kaku still gives taka a speed boost and healing, which is the real problem. With a cool down build his kit is broken.

I’m just talking in comparison to the 2.12 5v5 beta. NOBODY bought FG because it didn’t build into anything and generally wasn’t worth it. However, now that it has a good 5v5 counterpart that builds into the main vision improving item, Taka (as well as Flicker and Kestrel) won’t be able to abuse their invisibility as much.

Invisibility isn’t the problem. It’s that Taka can heal like crazy and cover further areas of the map, and that he becomes CC and damage immune with Kaiten.

Once an armory goes down he can just run around the vain crystal attacking it, without much the enemy team can do unless the are all there.

Havening an entire team needed to just camp the crystal to defend against one character is broken AF.