Hero Selection Screen for Solo Casual I did for fun

Inspired by the Tekken 7 and DoTA 2 UI.
We have character models found in the Vainglory website that I thought could be used to something fun.
Vainglory PC version could be made into this as some mobile devices cant handle the file size it may require.


I don’t think file size or performance is a problem. Any mobile device that can run Vainglory should handle the 3D models in Hero Select without trouble.
Looks amazing! :grin:


i like the fold/rise in the background it is a nice touch :heart_eyes_cat:

Although I worry about the increasing number of characters that would lead to smaller icons, my non critical and non cynical side likes it.

Wait where did you find the model on their website? iv been looking for a downloadable model so I could 3D print myself a figurine!!

Also I like the set up but with the skin selection would that be a side swiping scroll? That would probably keep the awkwardness our current skin selection has… I think in order for there to be the best screen usage the Hero selection area should remain where you have it but once the hero is selected it should minimize in a draw a the bottom left of the screen then you could open another draw for the skins .

I like it, but all the heroes like that looks cluttered. And it’s hard to find who you’re looking for if you see everything as a big wall of text like I do. A sort mechanic could do nicely.


i was assuming that it would turn into a little slidey boy.