Hero Idea: Sierra


Sierra is an augmented woman in a powered suit of armor that covers her entire body, although her imposing height and her armor concealing any indications of her gender and humanity makes people think of her as a robot at first glance. Sierra was a part of Project Chevalier, which was intended to create super soldiers, but it was canceled due to a combination of high costs, constant delays and setbacks, the augmentations having a high risk of death and/or disfiguration, and confliting interests between the project leader and their superiors. Project Chevalier was then superseded by Project Paladin, which was intended to be a more cost-effective alternative that didn’t require augmentations. Project Paladin eventually resulted in the Heavy Armor Rapid Development suit, or H.A.R.D. suit, which offered the same amount of protection as an unshielded Chevalier suit, but was much easier to use by non-augmented personnel, at the cost of slightly redused mobility.

Stats & Perk

Health: 680-2000 (+120 per level)
Armor & Shield: 20-50
Energy: 285-450 (+15 per level)
Energy Regen: 1.5-3.04 (+.14 per level)
Weapon Power: 60-104 (+4 per level)
Attack Speed: 100%-118.7% (+1.7% per level)
Range: 6
Speed: 3.1
Perk: Plasma Shields
10% of Sierra’s base health is converted to fortified health, and 50% of bonus Shield and Armor is added to fortified health. When Sierra takes damage and exits combat, the fortified health starts to regenerate in 10 seconds and regenerates 20% of total fortified health every second. If Sierra takes damage while her fortified health is regenerating, the regeneration stops. If Sierra runs out of Energy, she completely removes her fortified health and 50% of it is added to her Energy.


A: Plasma Blast
Sierra produces a plasma blast from her plasma rifle, damaging all enemies in front of her in a 150º angle. Overdrive: Plasma Blast ignores 50% of Shield.
Cooldown: 13s/12s/11s/10s/9s
Energy: 50/60/70/80/100
Damage: 75/125/175/225/275 (+100% cp)
Range: 2.5m

B: Tonne of Force
After a brief delay, Sierra uses the thrusters on her armor to launch herself towards the target location and gains a speed boost. If Sierra directly hits an enemy hero or objective, they are knocked back 2 meters while Sierra jumps back to her original position. Deals 50% less damage to lane minions. Overdrive: Tonne of Force briefly stuns enemies.
Cooldown: 18s/17s/16s/15s/14s
Energy: 75/85/95/105/120
Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (+110% cp, 130% wp)
Speed boost: 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0 (+0.2% cp)
Thrust range: 4m

Ult: Overshielding
Sierra removes all fortified health & health barriers from herself and after a few seconds, she locks herself in place and overloads her plasma shield. Sierra’s overloaded shield fortifies her entire health and makes her immune to all debuffs. After 3 seconds, Sierra heals 75% of all damage she has taken and the overshielding explodes, damaging enemies all around her and pushes them 2 meters away. After her overloaded shield explodes, the fortified health disappears and Sierra’s natural fortified health regenerates 10 seconds after exiting combat.
Cooldown: 80s/70s/60s
Energy: 100/125/150
Damage: 300/350/400 (+50% cp)
Blast range: 2.5m


Rare Talent: Plasma Barrier
Plasma Shielding provides a health barrier instead of fortified health.
Health barrier: 70% (+2.5% per level)

Epic Talent: Heat Wave
Plasma Blast deals damage to all enemies around her.
Damage: 90% (+5% per level)
Cooldown: 110%

Legendary Talent: Impenetrable Shielding
Shielding Overload makes Sierra immune to damage.
Damage: 90% (+5% per level)
Cooldown: 110% (-5% per level)


Sierra Kilo Yankee Echo. Is what the name instantly reminded me of.

Anyways the ultimate seems like the coolest part of her kit

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