Hero idea: Midnight

this is just midnight as i imagine him (a swell looking guy in blue top hat and tails) not the actual nighttime ok :kissing_cat:

Perk: The Eye of Midnight
after moving a certain amount of distance, Midnight’s next basic attack is empowered, becoming ranged and dealing cp damage to enemies. enemies get a short slow and gain the Eye of Midnight debuff

Additionally, Midnight deals cp damage in basic attacks to enemies marked by the eye of midnight

A: A Veiled Blink
Midnight teleports in the chosen direction, slowing and dealing damage to enemies effected by the eye of midnight where he leaves and appears. this does not count as a dash.
overdrive: longer range

B: Moonlit Glare
Midnight creates a pool that deals co damage where it appears and then dot damage. enemies intially hit are slowed. enemies inside cannot basic attack, and enemies who are marked with the eye of midnight are also rooted
(small channeling)

ult: Starfall
Midnight pulls a massive star from the skye, dealing huge cp damage, a dot and marking all enemies hit with the Eye of Midnight. this can target anywhere on the map. additionally reactivating this ability lets Midnight teleport to any where on the map.
(has channeling for the initial activation)

i have always wanted a hero with a mid rnage short cooldown teleport, simply because i enjoy the feeling of teleporting. (cp lyra does not cut it >:^()

Midnight is a midranged mage, able to keep his positioning, or chase and deal large area damage with his abilities or can focus on utilising his perk to deal huge single target damage.

i hope y’all like, i also hope smec makes some sort of teleport hero


I love almost everything about this guy. Great concept, great design, great kit. It seems like everything revolves around his perk and positioning. I’d like to see the numbers for abilities like this. I have a lot to say so it’s all hidden for the sake of space.


With such massive mobility and (dis)engage, I can see his base damage being very low, and extremely squishy. He can TP in and out of fights to land a few punches and TP away, making him hard to counter (locking him down) AND play (getting caught out or locked down) without being OP. He needs to require superior timing, positioning, and mechanical skill. High skill cap, I can see him being a high tier pro favorite.


I’m a little confused on this, does he have to walk to reset the empowered attack, or can TPing a certain distance reset it? Additionally can he walk back and forth, or does he have to move a distance away from where he last activated it? It should be limited to walking, or his kit revolving around TP and mobility can easily become OP.

I also think his perk’s ranged attack shouldn’t be empowered. Ranged and dealing CP on marked targets should be enough damage and paired with burst damage could get unbalanced.

I like the slow, but a short slow would be better than a long one.


Is it an instant teleport or is it slower like Malene’s shadow B? Will there be a circle where he’s going to show up to give enemies a chance to block the slow/mark?

This should probably have a really short base cooldown to allow his TP theme to really shine.


Nothing really to say on this, except due to the amount of slows and now a root it should have a longer cooldown. There’s so much going on in one ability, paired with the perk it could mean the end of a teamfight with one tap.


Oh boy. There’s a lot going on here. I like it, but I think there are only two ways for this to be balanced.

#1 The first part have a range and aoe like Reim’s. Reactivating the ability should allow Midnight to teleport anywhere around one of the marked victims (with half the range of his A, or maybe similar range depending on how big the range is).

#2 The first part is global, but the second part only allows Midnight to teleport to one of his marked targets (anyone who is marked, it doesn’t have to have been from part one of his ult). The same range around the target would apply as in #1.


A+ for creativity. That play style of running around to activate the perk, love it.

I wonder if the A blink will count towards activating the perk, because it would be a little OP if it does.

The global ult sounds a little OP and a free teleport boots. But still gets credit for creativity.

That B ability with the root i feel is enough. Being not able to AA is almost like a stun.

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Heliogenesis Act II

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thank you for your feedback its really nice :kissing_cat:
you were right about his low base damage, i was thinkig that with it being too high he would be able to counter assasins early game which would be unhealthy for a semi ranged carry.


maybe his ranged attack not dealing cp would be a good idea, giving the enemies a chance to notice what is happening before being burst down. i orignally meant teleporting to activate his perk as well, but after seeing your guys feed back i can see how this would be op. the slow is short so that he is able to teleport to them slowing them for more, because once your targets with the Eye are gone you are pretty much useless until you have reactivated your perk.


i was thinking it would be instant, like lyras portal (although she can still get stunned out of >:^( ) i was thinking maybe some magic poof dust to linger his targeted areas, and yes it has short cooldown. i want him to be able to teleport through jungle walls and still be ready for the next teamfight.


this one has a longer cooldown. it is his main damage source if you go the aoe path. i was also thinking of this to be the size oif skaarfs goop so enemies have achance to escape it easier.


i liek the part about only being able to teleport around enemies hit by the ult. this means that if he misses the orignal activation then he is punished more, so you want to focus on aim instead of just letting it land anywhere just to get the global teleport (also will stop back dooring from spawn point)

also i was thinking this has the aoe size of barons ult or at least a splash down pool.

@Ve3nNo0wM i want the b to disable basic attacks because now there is silvernail with his silence (to counter mages) so there can be midnight to carry wp carries. thank you for your feed back though, i enjoy thinking up creative heros

@NinjaBryden what si htarfnis

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I’m thinking all melee ranged heroes would be at a huge disavantage and will be running scared from this B.

I understand the theory though.

It is Starfall morphing into Heliogenesis Act II

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