[HERO IDEA] Annora, The Arcane Annihilator

Hey, it’s Tyrantino and today we’ll be talking about Annora, The Arcane Annihilator.

A former guardian of a kingdom, Annora was a powerful mage who was consumed by arrogance and greed. She uses her arcane mastery to wage chaos and discord to her former kingdom, To seek revenge from her fellow guardians and siblings.


Health: 635-2370
Energy: 300-680
Armor: 20-50
Shield: 20-50
Attack Speed: 100-120
Movement Speed: 3.3
Weapon: 10


Annora gains a stack of Consuming Fire whenever she damages an enemy with her abilities. Upon reaching maximum stacks, Her next basic attacks for 5 seconds will be huge blasts of arcane energy that deals bonus damage overtime.

Additionally, her basic attacks deal crystal damage.

• Basic attack damage: 40-180 (+50) crystal damage

Annora unleashes an arcane wave to a target location and calls it back to her current location, Damaging enemies twice and knocking them up on it’s way back.

Passive: When Annora doesn’t take any damage for 12 seconds, She grants herself a small shadow field that buffs her attacks.

Active: Annora sends out an arcane shadow that damages the first enemy it hits. If it hits a hero, The enemy is crippled and slowed for a few moments. Crippled enemies have lowered defenses until the debuff is consumed.

The next ability or basic attack casted on a crippled enemy will deal increased damage and stun them for a few moments.

Annora telephatically creates a tether to nearby enemies, Disabling them and dealing damage overtime. When this ability ends, Either by reactivation or by running down it’s duration, She detonates the tether, Dealing massive damage and causing them to attack their nearby ally.

If an enemy dies with this ability, Annora will be healed during the detonation.

Maybe change the b as it literally is Melanie shadow b

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Ok i’ll try.

P.S. Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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Maybe make it a combo of Lya ult(but just for self) and melane shadow b(leaving a shadow pool that stuns.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I see two exact skill copies from two other games. One from AOV one from ML…

That is a big buzzkill for me

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Ok then, Who are the heroes and which skills?

Although it has familiarities, this is hardly literally Malene’s shadow form B.

Malene’s B in Shadow Form:

Wicked Escapade: Malene becomes invulnerable and untargetable for for a short time, slowing enemies she passes through and leaving behind a pit of shadow. Enemies inside the pit are dealt damage when Malene reappears

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Oh ok, Could you give me any suggestions to make it more unique?

You could drop the “shadow” gimmick, unless there’s a particular reason behind her ability to do so?

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Aov Krixi the Pixie her A skill.
Mobile Legends Kagura has an umbrella which can do that port back trick…

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Well, In her lore (which i’m working on), She was exiled into a dark abyssal land. Because of this, She vowed revenge against her siblings and swore that she will be stronger. So she strengthened herself by imbuing herself with the shadows in the abyss. And trained herself to be stronger than before.

How is one of her skills similar to krixi’s?

Krixi has butterfly which is the same as your Rise of Strife…

Does “imbuing herself” with the “shadows of the abyss” necessarily have to translate into the blatant ability to straight up turn into a shadow?

I’m not one to disagree with others’ creativity, and your lore is entirely of your design… though, you’re giving yourself room for an interesting creative approach, and if you want suggestions to make her unique, maybe try to veer yourself away from “oooh darkness, she becomes a shadow”.

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Will try to do, Thanks for your patronage

Yeah cause if power corrupts than absolute power corrupts absolutely.

She draws power from red crystals instead of blue and taints all blue crystal turning them deep red.

Red crystal has this and that effect…

It isn’t that hard…

That was after it was changed btw

I checked the edits - it’s still only similar, not a facsimile.

It’s similar to League of Legend’s Leblanc’s ability Distortion. Annora’s B ability.

But Original Poster (OP) did change it so it’s ok