[HERO IDEA #4] Caydren, The Defiant Conqueror


Hey ya’ll, It’s Tyrantino, again. And today we’ll be talking about Caydren, The Defiant Conqueror.

Caydren is a warrior with the gift of brute strength and a noble heart. Armed with his powerful sword, Sanguinem, He charges into the thick of battle to conquer his enemies, Empowering himself in return.

Health: 712-2580
Energy: 350-670
Armor: 20-60
Shield: 20-60
Weapon Power: 76-169 (Normal)
93-287 (Sanguinem)
Movement: 3.3
Attack Speed: 100


Caydren gains a charge of Defiance whenever he receives or takes damage. Upon reaching maximum charges, His sword will transform into Sanguinem, A powerful greatsword. The sword will transform back to normal if he activates his ultimate.

Sanguinem: Caydren’s basic attacks gain bonus range and increased damage when wielding Sanguinem, But are very slow to land. Additionally, He gains access to new abilities.

  • Minions do not generate Defiance. Epic monsters only generate half a charge.
  • If Caydrien does not attack for 10 seconds, His Defiance will decay.

Active: Caydren charges to a target location, Dealing damages to enemies upon arrival. His next basic attack will be a lunge that deals bonus damage

DAUNTLESS CHARGE: Caydren will instead leap to a target location and unleashes an overhead strike, Dealing damage and knocking up all enemies on impact

Passive: Caydren gains armor pierce per level when wielding Sanguinem.

Active: Caydren slashes his sword in a huge arc, Damaging and slowing all enemies hit. His next basic attack will deal bonus damage.

SHATTERING STRIKE: Caydren spins around twice with his sword, Dealing increased damage and shredding the armor of all enemies hit.

  • This ability also deals doubled basic attack effects

Passive: Caydren generates a damage reducing shield when not taking damage or crowd control for a few moments.

Active: Caydren strikes his sword forward, Dealing damage to all enemies in a line. Enemies approaching him will receive increased damage.

SANGUINEM’S ORDER: Caydren channels for a moment before smiting his sword to the ground, Causing the ground to rupture and deal weapon damage in a cone. Enemies hit directly by the sword will be stunned and deal increased damage.

Activating this ability will transform Sanguinem back to it’s normal form.


The idea of having a broadsword wielder is something I forgot VG did not have yet. I want this. I would 100% use this dude


Hmm, looks balanced to me, although it would need a nerf to HP by 100-200, depending on whether his abilities have a high CP, or WP ratio


He has higher WP scaling in his A and B but his ULT deals bonus CP damage.


All in All, He has higher WP scaling.


Then reduce HP by 200, because the WP build would be Op otherwise


Ok, Done, What about my first hero idea, Annora, Sorry for disturbing you I’m just not good at making base stats.


Reduce HP by 250, unless her perk does crystal damage, then 300. Maybe reduce defense


Done, And, Again, Sorry, But what about Arius


Looks good, although what’s up with the movement speed lol