Hero creation process

So out of curiosity what type of things do you hope for when a new hero comes to VG?

I hope for a hero with a fairly complicated ability set that when used right can take the hero from a B-tier to an S-tier
A set that rewards skilled play and is unique
Ex: Idris’s & Lance

What do you think SEMC should focus on during their creation process?

I think during the hero creation process SEMC should focus on a heroes theme and then base the abilities around that, rather than say, creating a hero based on the thought that they want to add a new roam/tank/carry or looking to make a very mobile hero.

Ex: Theme: Plant based
Out of combat high Regen (Plants are known for their vitality)
A root ability (Pun.)
Reinforce health of nearby heroes (Plants often play a symbiotic role with other things)
Slows enemies in a large radius (Traversing a large area of forestation take time)

This way of thinking IMO would make way for more original and unique hero ideas and kits

although this is a good idea, they are going to make more simple heroes cause of joystick ( I know its been long time since some one said it, but look at the recent heroes, all of dash and fairly simple playstyle)

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Kinetic is WAYYY better on touch than joysticks She just has a relatively simple kit and fills another hole in the game: another bot laner with different mechanics. She also has spamming skillshots so people are gonna get tired of dragging the skill over and over which can lead to inaccurate shots.


I think SEMC should focus on filling holes in the game and make sure the game itself can handle it. Let’s be honest there is no way a game can have something and not have some sort of inspiration. We look at mobile MOBAs and think about PC MOBAs and say that they are just copying off of them. Sometimes its true and sometimes its just inspiration. SEMC could have easily been getting inspiration off of digimons for like the past 3 years who knows.

Why I say filling the holes is mostly because the game is always going to have the same hero in one lane all the time. Top lane is probably the lane that has the most variety but to make all that variety work requires skill, so you can just play the same thing in a different lane. They should think of the lane -> make a theme -> create abilities.

I remember Niv saying that Anka should be played in lane which interests me because what lane can actually make her work. Mid or top? She isn’t gonna hypercarry the games but maybe she could with a very tanky team. Bot can always have something better.

Mobile heroes are added really to make the game more fun because everyone loves mobile heroes. Kinetic isn’t particularly mobile and Kensei has very good mobility. The last mobile hero we had before Kensei was Reza and no one liked Reza because he got outclassed but I liked him since the beginning.

While i can see your point in filling holes in game I lose you at same Hero in lane all of the time maybe because I still main 3v3 but im still seeing a lot of diversity in the lane even in ranked (also im stuck in R7 so another possible reason, totally regret not doing the rank grind last season because now half my games are dudes thinking they can 1v3)

Im not a fan of the mobile hero characters, while I can say its true that playing mobile heroes is fun especially with dodging skillshots I dont think it should be a focus. Unique abilities should be the way, I mean look at Malene’s B; everytime I dodge a skill shot with that or a stun I feel the same excitement as I did dodging with vox’s dash and it isnt a dash type of ability. Plus it gets bland after a while i mean heres a list of all VG heroes with movement enhancing abilities (not going to Include AoE buffs because those arent what im refering to as being over abundant):
*Note Dash= Point A to B Sprint = Movement Speed increase
Arden ( A:Lock on Dash or Free Move B: Lock on Dash)
Blackfeather ( A:Lock on Dash Ult:Dash)
Baron ( B: Dash)
Catherine ( A:Lock on/Free move Sprint)
Fortress ( A: Lock on Dash)
Glaive ( A: Dash)
Grace ( A: Lock on Dash)
Grumjaw ( A: Dash B: Lock on Dash C: Dash)
Gwen ( B: Sprint)
Idris ( A: Dash)
Joule ( A: Dash)
Kensei ( A: Dash Ult: Dash)
Kinetic ( A: Dash)
Koshka ( A: Dash)
Krul ( A: Dash)
Lance ( A: Dash Ult: Dash)
Malene( B-Light: Sprint)
Ozo (B: Lock on Dash, Sprint after bouncing 2 enemies)
Petal ( B: Dash)
Reza (B: Dash)
Ringo ( B: Sprint)
Rona ( A: Dash B: Sprint)
Saw ( A: Sprint)
Skye ( B: Dash)
Tony ( A: Dash/Sprint)
Varya ( B:Dash)
Vox ( A: Dash)

Point is, not having a mobile hero is OK because we have alot
With heroes the sky is the limit for abilities we dont need gap closers to only be dashes and sprints, Churn walker & Phinn a great example of this, Hell even the 3v3 treants are (petitioning for Treant hero starts now)

Yeah I was mostly referring to 5v5. If we’re okay with having 30 heroes in 3v3 suppose thats like having 10 per role and there are 3 roles. Now in 5s you have two more lanes so it should be a total of 50 heroes at least for the mode to become somewhat more different in every match. That’s why I think they should fill holes and at the same time create think about the lane they should go in. We don’t have a hero that becomes BIG yet in the game but when I think about it. It should have a lot of poke which makes it a nice addition to the top lane category.

Your list is somewhat nitpicky in a way. Heroes who don’t have some form of movement just feel not interactive to play and sometimes they easily get outclassed despite being more made for that role.

(5v5) Suppose that there is an enemy team that has 3 melee and the ranged the standard. Reim is a hero who is made to punish melee heroes who try to strike him. Well his obvious counter is. DON’T FIGHT HIM. Tony is another hero who punishes melee heroes who try to mess with him and he manages to bring chaos by spreading everyone far apart from each other. Both are good at isolating targets for the team but there is one difference, dashes. Tony can catch up to his target, Reim has to boots. Reim doesn’t have anything to control movements either from a distance. He can only control them from up close.

(3v3) Enemy has 3 melee heroes. The map is small so Reim’s base movement speed and a possibly JB first item is enough for him to just walk into people and lock them down. Tony on the other hand can lock them down as well but it isn’t as effective as he is missing damage and his Ult lets enemies escape. Now if Reim got a buff like if he hits his spire then he gets a speed boost things would be different. Although. Reim is looking pretty good next patch.

Yes we don’t need heroes with dashes but if they are melee they should at least have some form of crowd control. Reim. If ranged heroes don’t have dashes then they should at least have more range. Adagio. If they are ranged/melee and don’t have any of that. Then they are probably bringing in some new mechanic. I think that’s where unique concepts come from. Obviously needs lots of thinking and I don’t think SEMC has the time to do that although a Treant hero sounds very easy to make and the inspiration is already there. Then again Ivern is a thing…

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I was totally nitpicky, realized it halfway through the list but kept going regardless, I disagree on the lack of interactiveness though.Celeste, baptiste, and adagio are prime examples Playing as them your constantly doing something due to either their cooldowns or their ability to make power plays which can turn the tide in the fights

Reim actually has a built in slow to his heroic perk all he has to do is land a single basic attack then he can lock someone down using his B and ult no matter the enemy (unless its gwen then its GG with a very dead Reim) His natural counter should be range you are right, however with a little bit of smart playing it isnt a problem. I often dont build boots into my builds as id rather have the slot for either another defense item or attack item. Mobility isnt everything (in 3v3 at least once again I have nothing to say for 5v5 because of how little i play it)

I dont think range heroes should be compensated with more range instead of the dash because then you would have much more problems rather than heroes (ex: standing outside of turret range and being able to hit it @OG Baron)

Hope for a new Mechanic those are always Interesting

I just made the Treant hero lol took like 5 minutes to come up with the abilities for it best part is that all of the effects arent new to the game but how they could be used is

Kensei, Kinetic, Anka - yes, all dash heroes that seem to be joystick based. Silvernail, tho, could in my opinion at least not be harder to play with joystick controls.

Bro this was like months ago and silvernail wasn’t released yet.

Oh sozza mate shoulda checked the date - Just come back from a 2 month hiatus


I’m not an elitist bro, please calm down. I just meant, that heroes won’t be all that complex and rather simple and newbie friendly. I want the heroes to be rewarding to learn properly. For example, wp idris works really well only if you play him really, it doesn’t matter what you are playing him on(joystick, touch or keyboard and mouse), if you are good only then it will work. Now if something as simple as taka was made again and again then the comps will get boring. What is the point if everyone can play that one hero that needs no experience to learn. And I’m a low tier scrub so there is no way I’m an elitist.
Please read the reply that I said above, it clearly states that silvernail and anka were not announced yet.

Look at the date, I wrote that on July 10.

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Look bro I don’t know what triggered you but if I hurt your sentiments in anyway them I’m sorry about it and will try to avoid it. You can look up some posts about introduction to joystick controls, you will see I’m was and still am in support of it. I don’t want to fight with you anymore, rather I would say I don’t want to bother you anymore and waste your time. I love the idea for joysticks as it helps with player base and growth of game which helps with queue times. I actually feel that blueprint system is fair as you can unlock all heroes in game for free and cosmetics don’t effect game so it is fair in that sense. I’m telling you again and again over and over that I’m not an elitist and rather a casual who loves some excoundrel videos on vainglory. I have hardly played in a while cause of my shitty internet. And let’s have some constructive discussion some other time. I won’t be replying to you anymore. Have a good day and peace out.

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