Hero balance ideas

In order of high to lowest wr:

Lorelai: I don’t know why they did those changes considering the fact that they removed her bug and to compensate they buffed her? If they revert all her changes from the last patch she will be good and not bad. A hero that required the least tinkering from the best balancing team NA.

Skaarf: Either make it so Skaarf’s ult deals a lot of damage and speeds him up only or it deals little damage and speeds up allies greatly. There is no reason why he should have both.

Kinetic: Punish her energy cost on her A so she can only use it on her second cycle and required to purchase SSW, but still not just use it for poking. She should not be allowed to stack off of towers freely because that is not strategic and does not inspire good playmaking.

Baptiste: A surprise for me but he’s pretty balanced.

Yates: He’s not actually that OP imo and can only fit in as a captain in this patch but I guess a proper nerf to balance him would be to make him lose health if he pulls in nothing/minions. The force of his hook coming back to him with no accompanying mass could probably damage him I guess.

Samuel: His B doesn’t apply SF but applies FB, fix that and I’ll call him balanced.

Koshka: Undo the change where she is not able to pre-emptively stack her B and we might have another viable jungler on our hands.

Phinn: He’s balanced now I suppose.

Flicker: Can we like not have a CP ratio on his A and B? His base damage is good enough there is no reason I should be bursted for 400 damage because of a SG on a snowballing Flicker.

Silvernail: Perfect kit.

Celeste: Can we remove the vision from her A? It’s like having a better Samuel A but without the drawbacks of getting bodyblocked. Something that I have never understood about this hero is how she barely has any drawbacks. I guess a directed AoE attack does not do well kiting but like it can still kite. Her kit is just a better Skaarf kit.

Inara: Perfect kit.

Vox: He’s balanced I guess.

Grace: Please just make her have a strong health scaling on her Ult and remove the holy shields from the target being healed. Her heal is basically a revive and makes it pointless to go after the carry. I would say she is balanced apart from that.

Varya: Remove the WP so people stop playing it in my ranked matches.

Reim: Not bad apart from the fact that he’s slow and has no dashes. It’s rewind time.

Ringo: Requires teammates to have a brain and use his early game aggression as a way to snowball so he is pretty balanced.

Churnwalker: Broken kit but one change I have for him would be to increase his ult range depending on how many enemies he has chained. There is no reason for him to be able to escape from a 1v1 caught out, but there is also no reason he can’t be spiderman and swing from one part of the map to the other when all of his allies are dead or he can frontline some damage for a carry.

Ardan: Don’t have anything to say about this one but a fun change would be that his gauntlet cannot be reflexed blocked out but you can walk in it without getting stunned so the problem is that you are forever stuck. This ability becomes overall less effective during a teamfight but does still have a twist.

Gwen: She’s so good and so bad at the same time. Don’t know how she did it.

Glaive: Just make his Ult a displacement ability that knocks someone in 360 degrees so the thing it does is lets the enemy use abilities and autoattack but not move freely. When I say 360 yes I mean 360 if a Vox is on the right side of a Glaive then the Glaive spins Vox all around back to the same position he was before he got spun. Just some utility for teamfights because he isn’t particularly good at dueling (w/o being fed) or teamfighting.

Adagio: Wow I wonder how long it took them to figure out that if they increase the damage on Adagio ult then it serves an actual purpose besides the stun when it gets RBd.

Idris: Balanced. Hybrid is like entering a final form. You had a good 6 minutes to stop him from unlocking his first path. So its just a punishment that is deserved.

Anka: She’s actually quite bad late game. Either reduce the range of her A or remove the speed buff from her A.

Reza: Balanced.

Skye: Increase her basic attack damage because she is not exactly known for stutterstepping.

Lyra: Make it so if she teleports into a wall she dies.

Catherine: Balanced.

Ozo: Kinda doodoo but kinda not doodoo. He’s like Gwen but at a much lower scale. His kit is fun and has a good amount of everything so I don’t really understand the problem with it. Maybe its just that it has too much of everything that it has too little of one thing. Though mobility cannot be applied to that rule.

Malene: She’s practically useless late game and fits best in the jungle though it takes her forever to clear if she goes with DE.

Lance: Perfect kit.

GJ: Decent kit.

Magnus: I just don’t know what to say.

Krul: Give him his weakness stacks back.

Fortress: Make him into a jungler.

BF: Pretty good.

Alpha: Make it so her Ult does a weird pully thing so people can’t just walk away from it easily.

Joule: She wasn’t even that broken the patch before and frankly one of the few top laners who can clear minions somewhat easily. Not all heroes wear capes.

Tony: Kinda doodoo perhaps make his barrier increase with WP instead of health so if he builds WP he can be a Breaking Point stack bank but with the potential to kill you.

SAW: Pretty good.

Rona: Very good.

Petal: Excellent kit design.

Kestrel: Very good mobility excellent walking speed.

Kensei: Good tanking capabilities.

Baron: Very nice damage but maybe a little too tanky.

Taka: Perhaps they should remove the enhanced AAs completely from his perk and make it so he can’t see anything. ACtually this sounds like rework time. Make him completely blind but he can only see things in a radius around him and his teammates. Make it so he can one shot anyone with X-retsu when he has 5 ki stacks which are going to be pretty hard to do since he can’t see enemies or jungle monsters. Since you know this fits into the theme of Taka never being able to see the light of the meta.

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Imma just say it cuz I can and my mouth (fingers) have no filter.

Half of this list was straight ass in terms of being actually nice balancing but the rest are agreeable.

Celeste having vision on her A and you dont like that?

Sounds like a personal problem which isnt bad in anyway but it isnt a major problem that NEEDS to be fixed asap.

Now that I read the last part of the list, Idk if this was supposed to be a satirical list but Ill take it as if you were being serious.

The first couple of heroes I was taking seriously. But the thing about Celeste is why does she not have a tradeoff compared to Samuel? Samuel shoots a directional blast that can reveal bushes but also means he can be bodyblocked in team fights. Celeste has a pinpoint type of attack going on but she can just put a star down to have some vision. But she can’t be bodyblocked in team fights either. It just ruins the point of playing Samuel or Skaarf when you have Celeste and this is perhaps why she is always complained about as opposed to Sam and Skaarf who ppl never complain about.

The ladder half or well somewhere around writing something for Rona I realize how they just need to revert some changes or just not mess with them. Why did they change Taka’s autoattack pattern for his perk when he already had a 0% WR? They made him weak for no reason.

Petals kit is so messed up they are better off deleting her.

They want fortress to be a captain when clearly he does best when you slap on an Aftershock.

Point is they don’t try to understand some of the unpopular heroes which makes sense but then you might as well delete them. I can’t remember the last time someone talking passionately about an unloved main that they have unless it’s a meme like lorelai who was fine the entire time. If they buffed some of the weaker heroes top picks may not actually even need to be nerfed.

For example Silvernail and Kinetic are flagship carries but Silvernail can kill Kinetic easily. But if you take into account of it being a team fight a Blackfeather can easily deal with the Silvernail. Now if Rona was viable she would have been able to make quick work of Kinetic.

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Samuel can move without casting animation stopping him when using A. That’s actually HUGE when kiting multiple people especially alone. He also has built-in sustain that Celeste doesn’t. It is true that Celeste’s A is more reliable in teamfights but that’s because she is Celeste not Samuel. Different heroes, different strong points.

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Okay yes kiting is something that does make them different as I touched on in the post. But kiting really isn’t as effective in 5v5 because they removed the ACE buff. In 3v3 it is worth chasing someone down even if it means that one of you are going to die but if you can get the Samuel then that’s cool because minions will melt turrets. In 5v5 on the other hand if the Samuel is clearly going to M&V four of you at the same time perhaps an objective is better to get since there is really no point in chasing something that can’t steal objectives well.

Samuel can use his A (w/o buff which can get bodyblocked), with his B, the enemies just need to wait out the duration and then proceed to take dragon, his C is just useless because BC AoE just wakes them up.

Celeste on the other hand carries Heliogenesis which has small AoE to big AoE and with enough guessing, oh wait you get vision!!! This vision paves a path for your Ult to steal and since her middle star can’t get blocked and that does the most damage you might as well surrender when a good Celeste (someone that can position and hit skillshots) is fed.

This is another reason why Celeste is always hated when her WR is above/on par with Skaarf and Samuel.

Not to mention the direct stun whose hitbox seems a little bit too big for the animation but that one is definitely a personal problem lol.

Love the suggestions (except for Celeste’s A), love the sass.
(Remember that ppl on this forum doesn’t get some jokes and sarcasm really well, they might get triggered).